What is Fortnite Creative HQ?

Fortnite Creative features a wonderland for map creators who like to experiment with their designs. Flaunting a plethora of tools and map equipment, Fortnite Creative is definitely one of the most efficient map-making applications available for everyone.

Having said that, there are also certain community-created tools that can further enhance a creator's efficiency in Fortnite Creative. One such tool is called the Fortnite Creative HQ.

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Let's dive in and take a look at Fortnite Creative HQ and everything that the tool has to offer for creators.

Fortnite Creative HQ

Fortnite Creative HQ is a third-party tool that has been created to popularise and promote creative maps that "deserve more attention". The creator of Fortnite Creative HQ states,

"After consideration, I developed FortniteCreativeHQ, a solution to the problem of getting your content seen by the people who want to see it."

Having said that, Fortnite Creative HQ allows players to browse through various categories of creative maps. On top of displaying the featured maps as well as those with high player counts, Fortnite Creative HQ also brings forward under-rated maps that are unlikely to be found by simply browsing.

This tool is extremely useful not only for players trying to find unique maps in Fortnite Creative but also for creators whose maps no longer appear at the top of the list.

Players and creators are both advised to use Fortnite Creative HQ to have a better experience of the games that are on offer in Fortnite Creative.

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