Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Leaks Reveal New Locations And More

Fortnite Season 7 is in for a huge live event. In a massive leak that occurred previously, major information about the said live event was revealed.

Data miners however, have been quiet about it however, they've been vocal about something else. From all the information that we've seen, there's a major chance that a new map may be in store for us in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Everything we know about the upcoming map in Fortnite Chapter 3

First of all, it's too early to take any calls on the map in Fortnite Chapter 3. We may be towards the end in Fortnite Season 7 but chapter 3 is still a few seasons away.

That being said, these locations are still unfinished, and Epic Games is still processing these. Data miner Hypex believes that these POIs that were revealed, could be a part of a smaller LTM that is to come sometime in the future.

The file is codenamed as Demeter, and still is in early development. Here's the fun part, the previous maps in Fortnite are known as Apollo and Athena. Both these names belong to gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

Demeter also happens to be a goddess of Greek mythology as well. So it's highly likely that the map here is the map for Fortnite Chapter 3 itself.

However, that wasn't the only map detail that was leaked. We've been talking about an open world mode in Fortnite for a while now. We've got a first look into the POIs that we might be seeing on that map as well.

Data miners believe it's a huge map so it's safe to assume that the open world part in Fortnite would almost be along the lines of what we see in games like Destiny 2.

Although, Destiny 2 does have a specific storyline, the open world mode may or may not follow any kind of storyline.

We're still a few seasons early with respect to Fortnite Chapter 3, so the upcoming days will tell us how the events unfold.

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