Fortnite To Probably Get A New Game Mode Soon

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The Epic Games vs Apple has been an interesting trial. Not only has it given us an insight into the future of Fortnite on iPhones, we've also seen some interesting details about Fortnite.

Epic Games definitely had a very elaborate set of plans for Fortnite. And from the looks of it, the plans are still in full swing.


Recent teasers revealed that a special sandbox mode may be in the works.

Everything we know about the sandbox mode in Fortnite


According to Fortnite dataminers, this sandbox mode is being dubbed as LTM Saturn. That's what the codename for it is, in the files.

This mode has had over 700 builds, which indicates that it will have a large area. Although all this is speculation for now, there's a high chance that this is how it will be.

The mode in question had two teasers associated with it. Both those teasers were merged and they revealed a picture with a lot of stuff in it.

It's hard to ignore the POIs in the back. What's more important is that this game mode could bring in a new set of weapons too.

Back in April this year, popular Fortnite data miner Hypex came across some files that were codenamed Sandbox. These images that we see now, along with the ones that were uncovered back in April, could definitely be related.


Once again, all of this is just speculation for now. Epic Games is definitely working on something big for Fortnite and we'll have more details in the coming few days.

The Fortnite 17.40 update drops next Tuesday, so we'll probably have some more information about this game mode after the update.

While it's true that the entire battle royale genre has come to stagnation, Fortnite still has some way to go, at least in terms of the storyline. That being said, if they do come up with a new RPG style game mode, it would act as a breather for the game and the company as a whole.


That's all the details that we have for now. We'll keep updating this as and when we have more information.

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