The Best Fortnite Capture Point Codes (December 2021)

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

Capture the Flag is one of the most iconic modes in the history of video games. Having said that, Fortnite Creative features some of the best custom maps for a round of Capture the Flag under the category of Capture Points.

Despite Epic Games not featuring any official Capture Point LTMs, the Creative mode has been filled with maps by independent creators. The huge number of available maps can be fairly confusing for players to choose from. Thus, it is very important to know what the player is getting themself into before jumping into the first map that they come across.

With Chapter 3 scheduled for release soon, these maps will allow players to have a change of perspective when they get tired of the Battle Royale mode. Additionally, these custom maps in Fortnite Creative are extremely fun to play. Considering the fact that players can earn XP from the Creative Mode, spending some time in custom games could be a really fun method of unlocking exclusive cosmetics from the Battle Pass.

Apart from Capture Point, we have a bunch of other guides for 1v1 Maps, Prophunt Maps, Deathruns, Edit Courses, and more. Makes sure to go through them in case you're looking for a different challenge.

Let's dive in and take a look at five of the best capture point maps available in Fortnite Creative.

The Best Capture Point Map Codes

Fortnite Capture Point Map Codes
Cyber Stadium6199-8972-3700
5CP Raging Ravine1456-2399-6050
Capture The Flag (Castle 4v4)3082-2459-6630
16 vs 16 CTF2305-1432-8599
Orbital - Conquest Large8276-6214-5448

Keep reading for more info on each Capture Point map from our list, plus a youtube link so you can check out some gameplay.

#5. Cyber Stadium

Created by Edouard, Cyber Stadium features a Cyberpunk-esque map known as BuildNiteCity. This custom map features a Capture Point mini-game with up to 36 players in a single lobby. Players can also find various collectible materials that can be used to upgrade their weapons for better performance.

The code required to join the Cyber Stadium Capture Point map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 6199-8972-3700

#4. 5CP Raging Ravine

Designed by KuletXCore, Paradox of Fire, and comrad-blue, Raging Ravine features the 5CP game mode in Fortnite. As the name suggests, this custom map features a total of five different capture points that players need to take over. The game ends once all five points have been captured by a team. The Raging Ravine map can host up to 24 players in a single lobby.

The code required to join the Raging Ravine Capture Point map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 1456-2399-6050

#3. Capture The Flag (Castle 4v4)

Featuring a Castle-themed map created by Spenzy3, this map can host up to 8 players at the same time. Players should note that the default version of this map features random teams where players are assigned automatically. However, this map also has a variant that allows players to choose the players they want to have on their team.

The codes required to join Capture The Flag (Castle 4v4) Capture Point map in Fortnite Creative are,

  • Random Teams: 3082-2459-6630
  • Custom Teams: 5455-2707-8360

#2. 16 vs 16 CTF

The 16 vs 16 CTF map designed by TheVamp features a combined mode for Deathmatch as well as Capture Points. As the name suggests, the map supports up to 32 players in the same lobby and can result in an absolute bloodbath in Fortnite Creative. Whichever team captures all the five flags or earns 200 eliminations first will be declared as the winner,

The code required to join this map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 2305-1432-8599

#1. Orbital - Conquest Large

Designed by doodle_thss and mlofnc, Orbital - Conquest Large features a 20 vs 20 setups along with five assorted classes. These classes feature unique capabilities and perks of their own that can come in handy on the battlefield. The map also has a bunch of vehicles that makes it even easier for players to travel across the vast area.

The code required to join the Orbital - Conquest Large map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 8276-6214-5448

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