FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 Event - Quest Location, Emote, and Rewards

The FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 event is live now through April 27, with smiles and rabbity magic galore; plus a chance to earn some exclusive in-game items. The quest has few requirements to complete, other than patience, though you’ll want to take part in the associated FATE a few times if you have your eye on more than just the Hatching Rabbit minion.

This guide explains how to take part in Hatching Tide 2022 and what you’ll get for your trouble, along with how to complete the Hippity Hoppity Happily FATE.

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Where Do I Start FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 Event?

You'll need to be level 15 and playing as a Disciple of War or Magic. Travel to Old Gridania and Mih Khetto's amphitheatre, then speak with Jihli on the stage. She'll give you a brief rundown of the problems facing this year's festival and send you off to speak with Nonotta near Greatloam Growery.

What you pick when she asks you to mediate between the rabbit and the chicken doesn't matter. Eventually, you'll have to find witnesses who can tell you where the animals went. They're marked on the map, but these are the coordinates:

  • (X:8.3, Y:8.6)
  • (X:11.3, Y:11.7)
  • (X:9.9, Y:11.7)
  • (X:12.5, Y:13.4)

The last one takes you to the Canopy, where you'll chat with a yellow rabbit who then requests that you help round up some chickens. Head to the Shroud, south of Bentbranch Meadow, to get started.

You can start the FFXIV Hatching Tide event in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Old Gridania.
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Hatching Tide 2022 - A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Talk to Jihil in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Old Gridania and pick up the quest
  • Talk to Nonotta by the Botonist's Guild aetheryte
  • Teleport back to Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre and head southwest toward the Yellow Serpent Gate to trigger the next objective
  • Head south and talk to the three witnesses in New Gridania
  • Head into the Black Shroud to complete the Happiness is a Warm Bunny FATE.
  • Head back to Jihli to claim your rewards.

The FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 event is relatively straightward this year, but there's every chance you'll struggle with the FATE if too many people are around. Read on for some tips to get it done.

How Do I Complete the Happiness is a Warm Bunny FATE?

Like all FATEs, this one runs on a timer, so you may have to wait a bit before it starts. Once it does, make sure to select the "Join FATE" option on the right, or you won't get the net needed to complete it, which means you don't complete the quest.

Once it begins, your task is using the net to capture as many chickens as you can. It's admittedly a bit of a mess, since the chickens often get lost in the swamp of people trying to catch them. Your best bet is looking for the blue circles and/or just running around swinging your net as much as possible.

If you just want to finish the quest, any contribution, however small, counts, so you don't have to worry about how many you catch.

Head back to Gridania and speak with Jihli, then hand out eggs wherever you want to. You can repeat this task and see a handful of cutscenes featuring important characters, so it doesn't matter which location you choose first.

At the end, you earn a Happy Hunter achievement and the Hatching Rabbit minion.

What Are the FFXIV Hatching Tide 2022 Items?

There are other items up for grabs as well, including an emote, though you'll have to repeat the FATE several times to earn Fortune Eggs. Take this to the Egg Advocate at X:10.2, Y:9.2, and you can trade them for other seasonal rewards.

  • An Egg A Day emote - 9 Fortune Eggs
  • Magicked Prism - 1 Fortune Egg
  • Hatching Tide Mobile - 3 Fortune Eggs
  • Eggsemplary Basket - 3 Fortune Eggs

That's about all there is to know about the FFXIV Hatching Tide event for now. For other topics, we suggest checking out the FFXIV Garo event guide. It's a great way to get some cool new gear and mounts. And while you're down that PVP rabbit hole, our primer on the new FFXIV Trophy Crystals should convince you that the new Crystalline Conflict mode is the best way to farm the next collab goods.

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