Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1 quest locations and unlocks

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August 19, 2022: FFXIV 6.2 quest locations are in!

Four months on from the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and we're just now gearing up to set off on a brand-new Eorzean adventure. But first, you're going to want to tie up loose ends, finish off some quests, and learn the FFXIV 6.1 quest locations so you can unlock things like the new dungeon, alliance raid, and even the new hairstyles and mounts.

Final Fantasy XIV has hit a turning point with the Endwalker expansion. The major release concluded a decade-long storyline, with everything from FFXIV 6.1 onward telling brand-new stories as hinted by its Newfound Adventure tagline. Though the content pattern is largely the same, our ability to guess what's to come isn't.

Looking for more FFXIV content? We'll have a lot more to say once the patch lands and we've had time to put together some boss battle guides and other goodies, but for now, checking through the 6.1 update trailer is a great way to build up a list of what you want to do for the next few weeks. For the finer details, check out the FFXIV 6.1 special website for a full content digest.

Main Scenario Unlock Quest Location - How Do I Start the FFXIV 6.1 MSQ Story?

  • Quest: "Newfound Adventure" - Tataru, The Rising Stones (Coords X:6.0 / Y: 5.9)
  • Prerequisite: "Endwalker" main scenario quest (6.0 MSQ)

These days, starting the new MSQ quests is a straightforward process. There are no loose ends that need tying up if you've completed the story from the 6.0 launch - which we hope you have done by now.

If you have, though, and you're still not sure where to go, you only need to turn to the MSQ HUD element in the top-right of your screen. That'll show you where to go. If you don't have it for whatever reason, just open up your map and point it to the coordinates listed above.

New Dungeon Unlock Quest Location - How Do I Unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Dungeon?

  • Quest: "???"
  • Prerequisite: "Endwalker" main story MSQ

Still without a name due to spoilerific reasons, unlocking the new FFXIV 6.1 dungeon is thankfully much easier than trying to work out its name from a single image. Now that we're far from the days of having two dungeons with each patch, the unlock quest location for the new one is very simple - it's the Main Scenario.

Just follow the Main Scenario quests using the HUD element in the top-right. As the narrative continues, you'll unlock whatever this new dungeon is. Right now, the idea is that it's a bit of a callback to the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins from Final Fantasy XI.

The monsters share a striking resemblance to those from the Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion. Alzadaal's Peace being an area of one of the newer city hubs also lends credence to this theory.

The FFXIV 6.1 unlock locations can get you into a new 24-man dungeon.
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Myths of the Realm Raid Unlock Quest Location - How Do I Unlock the FFXIV 6.1 24-Man Raid?

  • Quest: "A Mission in Mor Dhona" - Fresh-faced Student, Old Sharlayan (X: 9.1 / Y:11.5)
  • Prerequisite: "Endwalker" main story MSQ

For most, the meat of the FFXIV 6.1 update is in the Myths of the Realm 24-man raid.

This marks the start of a new alliance raid scenario that, according to the team, will act a bit like a standalone epilogue to the Hydaeyln/Zodiark arc that's taken place for close to ten years now. Simply put, if you're at all interested in the larger FFXIV storyline, you'll want to see this through for closure.

To unlock the Myths of the Realm raid, all you need to do is follow the main scenario MSQ quests. They're still shrouded in mystery until the big day, but the patch notes say the sidequest will branch out from one of the MSQ quests. It could be the first, or it could be the last.

Just watch out for any mention of it, a big event, or a move into a new zone. That's probably the sign that you're good to go.

Role Quest Unlock Location - How Do I Unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Role Quest?

  • Quest: "Bitter Snow" - Shirabaht, Radz-at-Han (X:7.7 Y:9.4)
  • Prerequisite: "Endwalker," "A Path Unveiled," "To Calmed Seas," "Laid to Rest," Ever March Heavensward," and "The Gift of Mercy."

Since class-specific quests went away, Role Quests have become the new standard for combat-focused story quests. To unlock the collective ending to the Endwalker role quests, you need to have completed not only the role quest for your main role, but every role quest available; tank, healer, ranged DPS, melee DPS, and magical DPS as well.

Once you've done all those, see Shirabaht in Rads-at-Han using the coordinates above to see things through to their rightful end across four new quests.

The FFXIV 6.1 unlock locations include a way to fight the final battle on a higher difficulty.
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The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria Unlock Location - How to Unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Extreme Trial

  • Quest: Wandering Minstrel, Old Sharlayan (X: 12.7 / Y: 14.2)
  • Prerequisite: "Endwalker" main story quest MSQ

Looking to punish yourself against a harder version of the final 6.0 trial? If you're rocking gear of item level 580 or higher, you're free to give it a shot. You'll only be able to do so via the Raid Finder, however, so that's telling of the difficulty you'll face going into this blisteringly hard trial.

To unlock The Minstrel's Ballad: Endsinger's Aria, you'll obviously need to have completed the Endwalker storyline introduced in 6.0. After that, simply visit the untrustworthy story-spinner Wandering Minstrel at Old Sharlayan to unlock this difficult vision of the past.


Ultima's Bane Unreal Unlock Quest Location - How Do I Unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Ultima Unreal Trial?

  • Quest: "Fantastic Mr. Faux" - Painfully Ishgardian Man, Idyllshire (X: 7.0 / Y:5.9)
  • Prerequisite: "Shadowbringers" MSQ and "Keeping Up with the Aliapohs."

The great laser show returns! If you never managed to see a "Bit" run of the Praetorium or never needed that silly ring from the reworked Ultima's Bane, you'll want to unlock the FFXIV 6.1 Ultima's Bane Unreal fight. It'll only be around for a single patch cycle, so maybe stick this at the top of your list.

To unlock this funky robot disco, you just need to unlock the "Fantastic Mr. Faux" quest issued back in the Shadowbringers expansion. If you've done that already, you'll unlock Ultima Unreal trial automatically. Check the Raid Finder for that. If not, head to the coordinates above to get started.

And that's your lot. We've covered everything you should need to know about the FFXIV 6.1 unlock locations. Whether you're jumping straight into Alliance raids or trying your hand against Ultima Unreal for a nostalgia hit, there's a lot to be getting on with here. We'll link some more pieces on patch day to get you any new mounts, hairstyles, and minions you want to add to your collection.

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