How to Get the New FFXIV Pod Mount

Looking to hitch a ride on the FFXIV Pod mount? Continuing a long tradition of putting players through their paces for a sweet new set of wheels, paws, or jets, the best new mount of the FFXIV 6.1 patch is also one of the smallest. The amount of something you'll need to get it, however, is anything but.

This crossover from the Nier franchise originally debuted in the Shadowbringers alliance raid scenario, where it was used to ferry brave warriors of light across chasms and seas to the next big bad of each instance. Now, you're free to have it ferry you across Etheirys and its reflections whenever you please. And if you have the aether currents for an area, it'll fly as well.

Whatever you decide to do this patch day, you'll get some use out of our FFXIV 6.1 quest locations guide. With it, we've detailed the exact quests you'll need to pick up and complete to unlock some of the major new content included in the update. We even list the relevant coordinates so that you don't get lost trying to find them.

How Do I Get the FFXIV Pod Mount?

Joining the ranks of classic mega-millions mounts like Fenrir and the lavish Cactuarr, the Pod 602 Identification Key item that unlocks the FFXIV Pod mount demands time. You'll also need to have completed the "Brave New World" quest that unlocked the NieR raids as well, so a Shadowbringers license is needed for this one. Free trial users need not apply.

So how much does it cost? The exciting new FFXIV Pod mount will set you back a fairly substantial 300k MGP. You'll find it being sold by the Gold Saucer Attendant Prize Claim NPC in the main lobby of the fine establishment.

It's safe to say that you won't be getting this anytime soon if you weren't prepared to need a few hundred thousand of the tokens, but we have a few pointers down below that should help speed up the process.

Give it a couple of weeks and you'll have your own FFXIV Pod mount. And if you really want to grind the Gold Saucer mini-games, you'll probably have it by the end of this week. Hard work pays off.

The central desk of the Gold Saucer is where you'll find the FFXIV Pod mount.
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How Do I Get MGP Fast?

If you're in need of more MGP to procure this sweet new ride that certainly looks far from comfortable, there are a few ways to quickly get MGP that won't require a 2000 word explainer we're certainly hard at work on. For instance, you can exchange Gil for your first decent chunk of MGP.

From there, you want to do your three daily Mini-Cactpots (aiming for a one, two, three result for each if possible), clear the challenge logs on mini-games, Triple Triad, and Chocobo racing, and take part in the Fashion Report on the weekend. With the right strategy, it's pretty easy to get upward of 100k MGP each week with relatively little effort.

Once you're done farming for MPG, you'll be able to buy the FFXIV Pod mount from the typical mount vendor in the Gold Saucer's main lobby. And if you're ever a little short, just look to sell any spare Triple Triad cards you have. And if news of this new ride is enough to get you playing, you'll be glad to know that the FFXIV free trial has resumed after massive queues from the Endwalker expansion saw it removed.

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