FFXIV Ishgard Housing - Tips to Get an Empyreum Plot

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April 18, 2022: After issues with the NA server Ishgard housing lottery draw over the weekend, the problems have been fixed and a notice published. If you're hoping to get your own bit of FFXIV Ishgard housing, now's your chance.

After years of empty promises, FFXIV Ishgard housing is finally complete, with plots set to go on sale during the FFXIV 6.1 launch. It's been a long time coming, but as anyone who has ever attempted to buy an in-game house will know, snapping up one of these brand-new locations will be anything but easy. Here's how to get an Ishgard house when the patch goes live.

For most, in-game possessions are seen as the real reason to play Final Fantasy XIV. If you're not looking great with a gearset, you're stuffing a house with all sorts of fancy furnishings. But despite attempts to expand the system, the constantly growing Eorzean population means that there are never enough houses to go around, creating a virtual market that requires not only hard in-game cash, but patience, luck, and sometimes connections to manage.

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FFFXIV Ishgard Housing Requirements - Tips for Getting a House in Final Fantasy XIV

Before you can even think about buying one of the many sought-after Ishgard housing plots, you're going to need to run through a quick checklist of prerequisites. If you've been playing for a while now, you'll likely have these ticked off.

Likewise, if you care about Ishaard houses at all, you've probably been playing long enough to be all set to try for one. After all, we've been asking for these since the Heavensward expansion a good six years ago, but the launch of the Shirogane area and subsequent wards have prepared us for what's to come with the latest lot of houses.

To be eligible to purchase Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard housing, you'll need to adhere to the following rules:

  • Have reached Ishgard and have access to the area via the Heavensward expansion.
  • If buying a plot for a Free Company, you'll need to have been in said Free Company for at least 30 days.
  • Have enough Gil to purchase a small, medium, or large plot.

So long as you hit those requirements, you'll be able to go into the old Firmament area and attempt to buy one of the many Ishgard houses set to go on sale with FFXIV 6.1.

With the advent of the World Travel system, it's worth pointing out that you can only buy a Final Fantasy XIV house on your home server. Make sure you're on your own server before attempting to nab a new Ishgard house.

Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard housing is divided into Private and Free Company wards.
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Which Plots Can I Buy an Ishgard House In?

Depending on whether you're buying an Ishgard house for yourself or your FC, the Ishgard ward you'll want to go to will differ. Get things mixed up and you'll potentially ruin your chances of getting one.

If you're buying for a Free Company, you'll want to head straight to Ishgard wards 1–18. For private estates, wards 19–24 are where you'll want to focus your efforts.

How Many Ishgard Houses Are There?

Given that each housing ward contains 30 plots for players to lap up, it's relatively easy to figure out how many Ishgard houses will be available to purchase on each server.

For Private Estates, wards 19–24 are open for individual use. That means six wards are available with six matching sub-wards. As each ward tends to have 30 plots of varying sizes, we can determine that each server will have 360 Ishgard housing plots available across its six wards and sub-wards.

Apartment housing allows for 90 additional residents per ward/subward, allowing for an additional 1080 players to officially call Ishgard their home. They just won't get to mess around with external designs or second floors.

For Free Company housing, the number of genuine Ishgard housing plots increases three-fold from 360 to 1080 per server. With that in mind, we can imagine that most Free Company guilds will have the opportunity to buy an Ishgard plot of their own at some point or another.

Given just how many will be relocating from other areas as well, it's a good day for anyone hoping to score a house.

Things to Note with FFXIV Ishgard Housing

In the end, getting a new Ishgard house will depend on pure luck of the draw. In the past, players were able to storm wards and wait around, camping out each plot and generally scoring it if their patience (and connection) were good enough.

With the FFXIV house lottery system in place, however, it's a simple matter of doing anything else and simply hoping that your number comes up, at which point you'll be prompted to go claim your shiny new Ishgard house - whether through the Relocation system or via the regular plot purchasing screen.

What's also worth noting is that the price of FFXIV plots no longer decreases over time, so there isn't much point in waiting around for a rare available plot to get a little cheaper. Grab it while you can.

We'll likely have a lot more to share on the FFXIV Ishgard plot situation when they become available on April 12, 2022. Until then, though, consider looking into how to unlock the Final Fantasy XIV Pod mount. It's a callback to the Nier raids from Shadowbringers, with the unlock method being a little different to what you might expect.

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