How to get FFXIV Trophy Crystals

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The latest FFXIV update is here, adding a bunch of PvP mechanics and even a brand-new marketplace to the hit MMO. This revolves around FFXIV Trophy Crystals, the corresponding currency that you'll definitely want to stock up on to purchase new items. Luckily, we're here to help, with a full rundown of how to bag yourself some FFXIV Trophy Crystals!

This Final Fantasy XIV guide will explain how you can get Trophy Crystals following the 6.5 update. We'll also explore exactly what this new currency is, and what sort of items you can buy with it.

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How to get FFXIV Trophy Crystals

The only way to get FFXIV Trophy Crystals is by competing in limited-time PvP events taking place throughout this latest update. Simply head to the PvP menu and partake in battles, and after each match, you'll get a dose of Trophy Crystals for taking part. Of course, you'll get even more based on your performance, so it's in the interest of your resources to reach the lobby's upper echelons.

Since the PvP mechanics in FFXIV are on a ranking-based system, the more you play, the further up your progression will go. As such, more experienced players who grind those PvP modes will find themselves earning a lot more Trophy Crystals.

Image of an ongoing battle in Final Fantasy XIV.
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What Are FFXIV Trophy Crystals?

FFXIV Trophy Crystals are the latest currency to arrive in the game. They first appeared following the 6.5 update as a currency exclusive to those with this latest expansion. You can only use them on items for sale from the Trophy Crystal vendor at Wolves' Den Pier. As such, it's a more limited currency used to purchase a smaller selection of items. Mainly, they're the ones that arrived in the 6.5 update.

How do I spend FFXIV Trophy Crystals?

To spend the Trophy Crystals you've earned in PvP matches, you'll want to head to Wolves' Den Pier in The Braveheart area. The dedicated Trophy Crystal vendor is who you need to speak to, selling items in exchange for this currency. As mentioned, a lot of items they sell were added in the 6.5 update. That includes the new Model Tactical Gear that got added in PvP Season 5 which comes in six different styles. Each set piece is priced at 1,500 Trophy Crystals and needs 7,500 Trophy Crystals for a complete set.

However, if none of the Trophy Crystal vendor's goods interest you, it's worth holding on to your current savings. New items will likely arrive there sporadically during weekly updates, so there will be more chances to spend them down the line.

From there, you'll no doubt be rolling in Trophy Crystals to purchase all the latest items! We've also got news about the FFXIV x Fall Guys event to learn more about the new collaboration.

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