FFXIV Garo Event - How to Get Garo Titles, Gear, and Mounts

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The FFXIV Garo event returns, featuring the same gear, but a few new weapons.

On top of the already insurmountable amount of battle gear and cosmetics items added in the FFXIV 6.1 patch, the return of the FFXIV Garo event brings some classic armour pieces back into the game. If you haven't paid attention to any FFXIV PvP event before and are feeling a little stuck, here's how to get all the FFXIV Garo titles, gear, and mounts you haven't already added to your collection.

The FFXIV Garo event is a collaboration between the game and the Japanese TV show Garo. It runs as a PvP event that sees players competing to earn Wolf Marks and adorning themselves with the finest Garo-themed gear, which now includes Gunbreaker and Reaper pieces as well. Expect things to get busy.

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How Do I Start the FFXIV Garo Event?

Starting the Garo event is super simple - there’s no specific quest tied to it and no requirements. In fact, you've technically already started. You just need some Wolf Marks earned via PVP matches to make any progress.

Here's the step-by-step breakdown of the FFXIV Garo event:

  • Play PVP matches to earn Wolf Marks.
  • Spend Wolf Marks on a full set of Garo gear from the Disreputable Priest in the Wolves Den.
  • Speak to her with the gear equipped to get a title.
  • Run PVP matches with the title equipped to earn Garo achievements.
  • Turn the achievements in to get Garo mounts.

For the full and detailed FFXIV Garo event primer, keep reading.

The FFXIV Garo event NPC can be found in the Wolves Den to the right of the main vendor boat.
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How Do I Get FFXIV Garo Gear?

Getting your hands on the Garo gear is probably the simplest part of the event. All it requires is Wolf Marks, which are gained from PvP matches like the recently released Crystalline Conflict. Don't worry, though. Winning isn't a requirement for getting Wolf Marks: taking part is what counts.

You'll generally earn them faster with a victory, but even losing awards a generous number of this seldom-used currency. Try your hardest, but if PvP ultimately isn't for you, you'll still be able to get the FFXIV Garo rewards if you just keep at it.

Once your purse is bulging with currency, it's time to visit the Priest at the Wolves’ Den Pier, who will exchange Wolf Marks for the exclusive event gear.

Replica gear can be obtained in the Golden Saucer mini-game area - which is a good option for anyone not wanting to do PvP - but do note that these pieces don’t count towards the FFXIV Garo titles and mounts listed below. They're purely for those in it for the gear glamors and not the rest of the collaborative goodies.

How Do I Get FFXIV Garo Titles?

In order to get the Garo titles in FFXIV, you will need to equip a full set of the Garo gear - including head, body, legs, feet, and hands.

Most classes will require the accompanying weapon, however, there are some that do not; Samurai, Dancers, Sages, Reapers, Red mages, and Gunbreakers are free to go in without a Garo-specific weapon.

After decking yourself out with the right kit, speak to the Priest located at the Wolves’ Den Pier. They will then give you the Garo event titles.

How Do I Get FFXIV Garo Mounts?

To unlock Garo mounts during the event, a few achievements will need to be unlocked:

  • Fame Fatale - Emerge victorious in 30 Feast or Crystalline Conflict matches while using a title received from the disreputable priest.
  • Frontline Fury - Emerge victorious in 10 Frontline or Rival Wings campaigns while using a title received from the disreputable priest.
  • Furious Fatalities - Emerge victorious in a combination of 60 Frontline/Rival Wings campaigns or Feast/Crystalline Conflict matches while using a title received from the disreputable priest.

In addition to this, when participating in the PvP matches, you'll need to use the appropriate Garo event title to be able to unlock these achievements.

Once these are unlocked, just speak to Jonathas in Old Gridania (by that lovely waterfall) to get any Garo mounts you've earned.

When Is the FFXIV Garo Event End Date?

Given that the last event lasted well over a year, it is safe to say that players will have plenty of time to get their titles before the Garo event ends. Players will be given weeks, if not months, of notice before the event finishes.

You should have plenty of time to complete the FFXIV Garo event. It'll be around for a while, so don't hesitate to jump on a few other activities while you're at it - like following our FFXIV Troll mount guide to get yourself another sweet new ride.

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