Shiba Inu Game: Everything You Need To Know About Shiba Eternity

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October 7, 2022: Shiba Eternity has officially been released on iOS and Android. Learn more about the Shiba Eternity release.

When the SHIB team announced the Shiba Inu Game in November 2021, it swept holders into a wave of excitement.

Now known officially as Shiba Eternity, it joins plenty of other new NFT games set to launch in the future. The Shiba Inu Game will expand the Shiba Inu ecosystem even further, joining up with the likes of the Shiba Inu Metaverse and Shiboshi NFTs.

We’ve compiled all the information about Shiba Eternity so keep reading to find out everything you need on the SHIB game.

What Is The Shiba Inu Game?

The Shiba Inu Game is actually two games, split into both a classic mobile game, and an NFT game that will make use of the Shiboshi NFTs.

Developed by Playside Studios and William Volk, the mobile game is designed to bring in more casual players. It feature in-app purchases. The blockchain version of the game will add further value to the Shiboshi NFTs, and include play-to-earn elements.

According to SHIB project lead Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu game's narrative will also span through the entire SHIB ecosystem.

The mobile game is the main focus for now as testing goes live. However, we aren’t fully sure as to what the other gameplay differences are between the games just yet, as little information has come out on the blockchain version.

Shiba Inu Game Gameplay

Shiba Eternity is a multiplayer collectable card game, featuring thousands of SHIB-inspired cards. As Shytoshi tweeted, these will include a special card based on SHIB founder Ryoshi. The cards all reference the Shiba ecosystem more.

Shiba Discord moderator Queenie said in the latest AMA that the cards "pay homage to past iconic games and it keeps with our meme heritage."

Shytoshi also revealed a SHIB trading card set to feature in the game, based on the Bonk Shiba Inu meme.

With the game now out in testing, full gameplay of the trading card game has been released online. Meanwhile, check out our breakdown of the Shiba Eternity Bosses.

According to Shytoshi, players do not need a Shiboshi NFT to get involved:

You won’t need an NFT to play the game...It’ll be more a flex to even have a card.

We do also know that NFTs used in the game will also be viewable in PlaySide's NFT Exo Viewer.

Shiba Inu Game Release Date

The Shiba Inu Game was released on October 6 2022. The game was due to release on October 1 2022 but was delayed so the Shiba Inu team could make additional changes.

In an exclusive interview with Planet Crypto, the developer noted the success of the Vietnam test, which had 1000 players at the time.

When Shiba Eternity was tested in Vietnam, players across the globe made alternate accounts to play. Shiba Eternity had had to increase their server capacity 50x to keep up with demand.

Shiba Inu Game Burn

Shiba Eternity burns SHIB tokens by dedicating 5% of its revenue to the SHIB burn.

With the successful launch of Shiba Eternity, many Shiba Inu fans and speculators will be waiting for Shiba Eternity's future burn stats.

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