Shiba Inu Partners With Former Activision Developer To Create SHIB NFT Game

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Shiba Inu has partnered with game developer William David Volk to consult on its play-to-earn NFT game, previously codenamed the Oshiverse, as the latest expansion in the SHIB ecosystem.

After teasing the announcement yesterday, Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba volunteer project lead, gave more details in a Medium post entitled "The Future of Gaming is Shib".

Volk became the VP of Technology at Activision in 1991, before moving to the likes of PlayScreen and Future Realities.

SHIB NFT Game Update

Aside from Volk's appointment, Shytoshi also revealed that Shiba Inu has partnered with a AAA game studio to create its NFT game, likely using the Shiboshi NFTs. He did not reveal which studio this was due to a current non-disclosure agreement. However, Shytoshi did state that it has worked with Disney and Warner Bros in the past.

The lead was full of praise for Volk. "William is no ordinary game developer," Shytoshi said. "He’s a true visionary with decades of top-notch high-quality experience on the corporate side, and also on the independent side having run his own game studio as well."

Speaking on his role, Volk said:

I am honoured to be working with an amazing team on what will become one of the most significant games of all time.

Shytoshi also gave further details about the scope of the Shiba Inu game, which will run primarily on iOS and Android devices.

The title will also include Shibarium functionality and decentralised elements. Shytoshi said this will "provide unique opportunities within the Shiba Inu Ecosystem ($SHIB, $LEASH & $BONE), while Shiba Inu Games remains completely separate from this activity".

Seeking a listing on mobile storefronts will "force the SHIB brand into the corporate world and the rules," Shytoshi said. "However, this is a good thing because it allows us to take some of our prized assets and make them defensible."

The Shiba Inu game will also feature in-app purchases that "provide opportunities for SHIB & Leash burns", Shytoshi said.

No release date was given.

The Oshiverse was first touted on October 14, when Shytoshi said he met with a potential game studio to discuss launching a SHIB-based game. The following day, he described the meeting as “fantastic”.

SHIB has come a long way since its initial memecoin branding. With projects such as SHI and the 'Dog Park' included in the vision for SHIB, it seeks to become a thriving crypto-ecosystem with real uses.

This is not the only SHIB announcement on November 26. Newegg confirmed mere minutes before the Shiba game update that it will accept SHIB as a payment from Monday.

SHIB is currently priced at $0.00003977 - down 5.3% in the last 24 hours.

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[Image: Unsplash/Onur Binay]

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