Shiba Eternity popularity sees developers increase servers by 50x

Shiba Eternity
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Eternity
Credit: Unsplash

While the Shiba Inu game, known as Shiba Eternity, isn’t even out yet, its developers have had to increase the server capacity by fifty-fold to keep up with the demand.

Only supposed to be in testing in Vietnam (the crucial phrase here is “supposed to be”), the launch of the Shiba Eternity test last week was received positively by the Shiba Inu community, eager to jump in and elated at the latest Shiba Inu price action that saw SHIB jump 37% over the weekend.

Here’s the latest Shiba Inu news on the upcoming trading card game.

Shiba Server Demand

Developer William Volk was the first to publish news of Shiba Eternity’s server demands. “We had to increase the gameplay server capacity fifty-fold to deal with the players coming in from the Vietnam test launch!” he said on Twitter.

However, this does need some qualifying. First, we don’t know how big the developers at PlaySide Studios expected the Vietnam test to be. A fifty-fold increase on 200 players would mean increasing the capacity to 10,000.

Second, not all players participating in the Shiba Eternity test live in Vietnam. The test is currently only available on iOS devices in Vietnam - likely to prevent a situation like this where the servers become overwhelmed. However, similar to previous mobile releases, players have created Vietnamese Apple accounts to get around this.

Other SHIB holders have suggested the Shiba Eternity team will need servers “as big as the Eiffel Tower” for when the game officially launches. The full Shiba Eternity launch could come as soon as September. Others continue to request further regions gain access, and that Shiba Eternity gets added to Android devices.

PlaySide or Shiba Inu have not released any figures about the number of Shiba Eternity downloads just yet. It is currently 49th on the Vietnam App Store for card games.

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