Shiba Eternity, a Shiba Inu Game, Is Released Worldwide for Android and iOS

Shiba Eternity

Shiba Eternity

The highly anticipated Shiba Inu video game, Shiba Eternity, has finally launched globally for IOS and Android phones after making waves in the Australian and Vietnamese gaming markets.

The game, which was earlier scheduled to launch on October 1 2022, was delayed to accommodate a few changes before its official release.

Shiba Eternity, dubbed as one of the most important components of the Shiba Inu roadmap, is essential for the SHIB ecosystem as a whole, as it is set to contribute 5% of its profits to burn Shiba Inu's supply.

Shiba Eternity Receives Over 10k Downloads on Google Play Store

Since its official launch, the game has already received good reviews on the Google Play Store, with an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and over 10 thousand downloads.

On the Apple App Store, the game is trending as the 2nd most downloaded card game.

The official Shiba Inu Twitter account announced the news of the launch, alongside sharing download links that users can click on to download and play the game.

Shiba Inu's lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, further announced that he will be busy preparing a comprehensive player guide for the newly launched blockchain-based card collectable game.

In Shiba Eternity each player can own their own independent Shiboshi, a virtual dog. Players will have to protect their Shiboshi while manoeuvring quests in the game and building a deck of trading cards to outwit their opponents and win battles.

Speculators believe the game will raise awareness of the Shiba Inu brand among individuals who are not involved in cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Eternity is also important to the Shiba Inu ecosystem since it contributes to the reduction of the SHIB token supply by participating in the Shiba Inu burn.

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