Shiba Eternity, a Shiba Inu video game, launches in Australia

shiba eternity

shiba eternity

The Shiba Inu team is unfazed by the recent bear market. In recent news, Shiba Eternity, a Shiba Inu video game, has launched in Australia.

Shiba Eternity is a part of the greater Shiba Inu ecosystem alongside SHIB: The Metaverse, the WAGMI temple, and Shibarium, an upcoming Shiba Inu blockchain.

At the moment, Shiba Eternity is only available on the Apple app store.

Shiba Eternity launches in Australia

The Shiba Inu team took to Twitter to announce the launch of Shiba Eternity in Australia.

Developed by the Shiba Inu team, the game is available for IOS users. An Android version of the game is expected to launch sometime soon.

The game is still in its testing phase, so developers can identify bugs and collect essential community feedback to make necessary modifications to the game in the future. According to lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, Australia has been dubbed the last testing location for the video game.

The Shiba Eternity game is described as a unique blockchain-based card collectable game that permits users to collect thousands of Shiba Inu-inspired cards and create decks to play with family and friends.

The game contains a wide array of features and play-to-earn elements. According to Shytoshi, the game will also burn Shiba Inu tokens.

Described as a "strategy card game," players will be able to accumulate NFT Shiboshis to create card decks and initiate battles to win over their enemies.

Aside from Shiba Eternity, the Shiba Inu crew is quite busy with other essential Shiba Inu projects which are queued to go live by the end of, 2022.

Shibarium, an L2 blockchain delivering utility to the Shiba Inu token, is set to be unveiled by the end of September 2022. The Shiba Inu team's metaverse project, SHIB: The metaverse is also currently in development and will be available for users to explore hopefully by the end of 2022.

Learn more about Shiba Eternity and Shibarium here on Planet Crypto.

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