Shibarium L2 Public Test Coming Soon, According To Developers

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SHIB holders may get a glimpse of Shiba Inu Coin’s Shibarium Layer-2 pretty soon following an update from developers Unification.

In its 2022 roadmap, Unification included details about the ongoing Shibarium development, an L2 which it says will enable “rapid low-cost transactions optimised for gaming”.


Here’s a deeper look into the future of Shibarium via Unification.

Shibarium x Unification

As per the Medium post, Shibarium is undergoing a second iteration of its private testnet. According to Unification:

The second version of Shibarium’s private testnet is live and under optimisation across both teams with plans of a public testnet release to come very soon.

However, as with most other projects on the Shiba Inu roadmap, Unification said it was unable to give “a definitive timeline” on Shibarium due to its size and scope. Previous information suggests a 2022 launch remains likely.


While we knew the Shiba Inu games would likely make use of Shibarium, the specific nod that the L2 is optimised for gaming suggests the relationship between the two is deeper than first thought.

Shiba’s project lead Shytoshi Kusama first revealed Unification, called xFund here in a Medium post in July 2021. He said:

Our team has begun working with our friends at Xfund to complete this project. There is a large team assigned to completing this in a timely fashion.

xFund/Unification played a large role in aiding the Shiboshi NFTs and ShibaSwap DEX launches as its Oracle of Oracles.


Members of the ShibArmy hope that Shibarium will reduce the large gas fee payments currently required for SHIB transactions, due to its reliance on the Ethereum blockchain.