Shiboshi NFTs hope to cash in on Shiba Eternity attention

Shiba Eternity logo on top of the Shiboshi NFT listing.

Shiba Eternity logo on top of the Shiboshi NFT listing.

Traders have spent over 13,000 ETH on Shiboshi NFTs since its launch last year, as the NFTs are placed in the spotlight in the upcoming Shiba Inu game.

With the playable characters in Shiba Eternity being inspired by the Shiboshi NFTs, holders may hope the focus brings further members of the ShibArmy into the NFT space.

Here’s a closer look at the Shiboshi NFTs.

Shiboshis and Shiba Eternity

In Shiba Eternity, players control a Shiba Inu character, heavily inspired by the Shiboshi NFTs. These characters share traits and characteristics of the Shiboshis, right down to specific accessories and rarities.

However, as Shiba Eternity is the non-blockchain Shiba Inu title, these characters are not Shiboshis, nor are they even NFTs.

Posting in the Shiba Discord, Shytoshi Kusama explained why these are not NFTs, but simply heroes. As there are only 10,000 Shiboshis, having unique NFTs could mean only 10,000 places would be available. “The game uses the same concept, but they aren’t the real Shiboshis. They’re just for the game,” they said. “Ideally this will make the Shiboshis (the actual ones) more valuable.”

However, Shytoshi did stress this is only “ideally” and he doesn’t know what will happen.

Meanwhile, we don’t know for sure how the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity will work, although it should feature further integration and rewards for Shiboshi holders.

Shiboshi Stats

Shiboshi trading does not yet seem to have increased particularly since the first soft launch of Shiba Eternity in Vietnam.

As of August 23, the Shiboshi floor price has hit 0.69 ETH. This floor price has been in a steady decline since late 2021, after previously maintain a price above 1 ETH. Like the rest of the crypto market, it saw a further drop in May 2022 but has now levelled off.

Meanwhile, trading volume for the Shiboshis has hit 13,132 ETH - currently worth $21 million.

There's plenty more coming for Shiba Eternity too as we head towards its Download Day, with Shytoshi Kusama noting he wants to hold Shiba Eternity tournaments.

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