Shytoshi Kusama wants to hold Shiba Eternity tournaments

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Shiba Eternity Trophy and Tournament
Credit: Unsplash
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Shiba Eternity tournaments could soon become a reality after Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama expressed an interest in holding competitions for the Shiba Inu game.

With Shiba Eternity now in testing, more players are getting the hang of playing, slowly developing a meta. With servers increasing 50x to match demand, the hype around the game could translate into a thriving competitive scene.


So, as we fast approach the Shiba Eternity download day, here’s the latest Shiba Inu news on the upcoming game.

Shiba Eternity tournaments

During a session in the Shiba Inu Discord, Shytoshi Kusama gave a variety of his thoughts on the SHIB ecosystem, predominantly on Shiba Eternity. Here, he touted the potential for tournaments.

“I want to have tournaments where we give back”, Shytoshi said in the Shiba Eternity channel.


Several SHIB holders immediately responded to the SHIB lead, agreeing that tournaments would be a great idea.

As for the giving back, while this is pure speculation, it could see successful tournament winners rewarded with SHIB, BONE, NFTs, or anything else in the Shiba ecosystem. However, this could be more suitable for the blockchain version of the SHIB game.

Alternatively, we’d suspect many in the SHIB community would want to see tournaments contribute to SHIB burns. Indeed, some members have already hosted gaming tournaments in the past that have burned SHIB.

This could help bring Shiba Eternity into the burning ecosystem. Shytoshi previously stated every product besides the game would help reduce the supply.

Of course, the prospect of tournaments is not yet confirmed nor guaranteed, but remains only an idea. Given Shiba Eternity is not even out yet in all regions bar Vietnam, players will still need some time to get to grips with the mechanics and gameplay before tournaments can be arranged.