Shiba Inu Metaverse reveals WAGMI Temple details

Shiba Inu logo next to a Japanese temple at night.
Credit: Unsplash

Shiba Inu logo next to a Japanese temple at night.
Credit: Unsplash

The Shiba Inu team has given SHIB holders a further look at the Shiba Inu Metaverse, specifically a detailed overview of the WAGMI Temple hub.

As the Shiba Discord expands to include further metaverse channels, alongside bringing on The Third Floor as a developer, work is progressing on the metaverse beyond the current 2D map.

With the metaverse now having sold almost 20,000 plots of land, here’s a look at the WAGMI Temple.

Shiba Inu’s WAGMI Temple

The WAGMI Temple - a reference to the crypto mantra of 'We are all going to make it' - is one of the several key spots in the Shiba Inu Metaverse. Located on the east side of the map, at the intersection of Leash St and Decentralized Corridor, it was one of the most sought-after spots during the Shiba land sale.

Shiba Inu and The Third Floor have now produced a concept for this WAGMI Temple. Taking architectural inspiration from temples in China, Myanmar, India, Japan and South Africa, a new blog describes it as:

A Zen-like realm with calming sensations, meditation, natural beauty, and spiritual connections to the world. Echoes whisper through the region with a rich history of discovery.

Alongside this, SHIB noted the likes of Sakura trees, cherry blossoms, and Ginkgo trees as some of the floral inspirations. It also referenced animals such as the giant panda, tigers, komodo dragons, peacocks, and koi on this vision board.

As for more tangible ideas relating to the metaverse, it suggests the WAGMI temple would include a VR experience, yoga, charitable opportunities, and community stories displayed on the walls.

Meanwhile, the WAGMI Temple Discord channel has unlocked. The SHIB team stated sketches of the location will be shared in the channel.

Given this is just a vision board, it appears the Shiba Inu metaverse launch is still a long way off. The team also said this approach would be staggered out in phases, allowing a focus on feedback for each area.

However, SHIB holders still have the upcoming Shibarium L2 and Shiba Inu game to look forward to this year. In an interview with Planet Crypto at Gamescom, William Volk confirmed the SHIB game is set to launch in September.

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