Shiba Inu adds new Metaverse Discord channels, hinting an update is coming

Shiba Inu Metaverse dog with hammer in its mouth, in a retro mountain range.
Credit: Pixabay

Shiba Inu Metaverse dog with hammer in its mouth, in a retro mountain range.
Credit: Pixabay

SHIB holders could soon receive more information or features for the Shiba Inu Metaverse after the team updated their Discord server to include channels based on the Metaverse map.

As the focus for many remains on the Shiba Inu Game and Shibarium, several other projects are still moving along under the radar, including the metaverse, which has sold almost 20,000 pieces of land.

However, it seems further metaverse functionality could be coming at some point after this latest Shiba Inu news.

SHIB Discord adds Metaverse channels

Last week, the Shiba Inu Discord expanded slightly, adding 11 separate Discord channels relating to locations in its metaverse. These include the Wagmi Temple, Ryo Plaza, Bark Park, FUD Ground, and several unnamed locations.

Land around these locations was among some of the most expensive plots available and sold out almost instantly.

Shiba Defence member and Discord lead Trophias commented on the additions in the Land Discussion server. “Some nice new channels there,” they said. “Wonder what it’s for.”

We currently don’t know any more about these new channels, but it is likely they will act as hubs for landowners to discuss their metaverse plots in. The channels are also currently locked, with no messages sent. Whether it is open for all, or locked behind ownership like the Shiboshi Social Club channel, also remains unknown.

It also seems the SHIB team may invite feedback and ideas for the metaverse landscape. SHIB added a Metaverse Landscape Discussion channel, which also remains locked.

Development on the metaverse continues to push on following the partnership with The Third Floor studio. The latest rumour relating to the metaverse saw Shytoshi Kusama suggest that the project will run on Unreal Engine. With the Discord server seemingly ramping up its support for the metaverse, we’ll likely hear more about the SHIB metaverse in the near future.

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