Shiba Inu dismisses rumour Shibarium could launch on September 30

Shiba Inu and Shibarium logo in front of network
Credit: Pixabay

Shiba Inu and Shibarium logo in front of network
Credit: Pixabay

The Shiba Inu team has rejected claims made that the Shibarium Layer-2 would launch on September 30.

With hype for Shibarium remaining high, along with projects like the Shiba Inu Metaverse, one xFUND Telegram moderator tweeted that Shibarium will launch at the end of September. xFUND/Unification is the developer behind Shibarium.

Here’s the latest Shiba Inu news on Shibarium.

Shibarium rumours shut down

In a now-deleted tweet, one xFund moderator said: Shibarium 30th of September. Powered by xFund.”

After discovering the tweet, community members were quick to dismiss it, given it was not from an official account. SHIB team members were then quick to shut down the rumour.

Trophias, the SHIB Defence Team’s co-lead, tweeted about the rumoured dates. “No dates for Shibarium have been posted or authorised for release,” they said. “[The xFund Community Team] does not have any information about Shibarium, the release date, or any other information about the detailed documentation that is coming.

“When ready, the developers of Shibarium and the SHIB team will be vocal.”

Trophias did also reassure holders that the xFund team are still supported by SHIB.

This coincided with the launch of a Twitter account for Shibarium, which will post official updates.

Shibarium and Q3

There is the chance the xFund moderator was tweeting in reference to the Shibarium public beta, which Unification claimed in a blog post “is planned for deployment in Q3”.

However, despite this Unification article being shared by the official SHIB Twitter, and in the Shiba Inu Discord’s announcement channel, several comments rejecting dates have further confused the potential timeline.

Regardless, there does seem a sentiment among the SHIB community that expects at least something relating to Shibarium to launch by the end of September.

Delays do happen, and often should be expected, as with any major project release, although none have been publicly announced.

This isn’t the first time SHIB has issued a statement regarding a partner or developer. After delays hit the Shiba Inu Burn portal rewards, SHIB issued a statement on the delays, demanding they be resolved.

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