The Shiba Inu Team Isn’t Happy About The SHIB Burn Portal Delays

Shiba Inu Burn Portal
Credit: Pixabay

Shiba Inu Burn Portal
Credit: Pixabay

The Shiba Inu Burn Portal success has quickly turned sour after the Shiba Inu team hit out at the portal developers for their “continued failure” to deliver SHIB burn rewards.

In a blog post on July 24, Shiba Inu further distanced itself from the development process of the portal, making clear to holders that Ryoshis Vision powers and maintains the burn portal.

SHIB burns remain important to the community. It burned 70 billion SHIB in the first half of 2022, including a 10 billion SHIB burn via the portal. With pressure mounting on those involved in development, the SHIB team has now decided to speak out.

Shiba Inu Criticises Burn Portal Delivery

When the burn portal first launched, it was a huge success. The burn rate quickly surged as holders flocked to the portal both to reduce the SHIB supply and earn rewards.

However, after the first rewards were delivered, trouble soon began for the portal. Rewards were delayed with little new information. Since the reward distribution has started up again, delivery has been extremely slow.

Given the Shiba Inu name is attached to the portal, it seems the SHIB team has reached a breaking point.

“We’ve experienced a high yield of tickets, from increasingly frustrated users in our communication platforms, while tagged posts in social media,” it said in the blog post.

“The significance of this portal for the community is extremely meaningful, the delivery of such utility while allocating rewards even more-so,” it continued. “What is apparent is the continued failure to deliver such workflows precisely based on the platform's promise.”

The team then criticised Ryoshis Vision for their communications with both the community and the Shiba Inu team. According to SHIB, it has asked the Ryoshis Vision team to “provide a significant path to delivering repair or addressing the portal” alongside explaining why the delay occurred.

“This has gone beyond acceptable ratios in which investors and contributors to the portal have to await for such a response.”

Ryoshis Vision Response To Delays

The Shiba Inu team also said that the Ryoshis Vision team has agreed to explain the situation immediately.

At the time of publication, the team has not published this explanation. However, it did post an apology on Twitter for the “inconvenience and frustration caused”. It also said a Medium with a detailed explanation is coming soon.

The Ryoshis Vision token, which is not part of the SHIB ecosystem, has seen a resurgence in the last week. It is now up 69% in the past seven days.

Regardless, SHIB burning is still pushing onwards. Whether its through huge individual burns such as this 450 million SHIB burn from mid-July, or looking forward to burns with the likes of Shibarium, there’s more destruction to come.

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