10 Billion SHIB Burned In Record-Shattering Shiba Inu Burn Worth Over $100,000

Shiba Inu Burn
Credit: Pixabay

Shiba Inu Burn
Credit: Pixabay

An astronomical 10 billion SHIB has been destroyed in one of the largest-ever Shiba Inu burns, increasing the Shiba Inu Burn Portal amount by 32%.

After the burn portal hit 25 million SHIB and $500,000 burned, its numbers seemed to stagnate as we closed in on a month since its launch. However, this massive burn kick-started a resurgence for these SHIB burns straight after the Burn Portal rewards first went live.

So, just what do we know about this unprecedented SHIB burn? Let’s find out.

10 Billion Shiba Inu Burn

Worth $123,000 at the time of burn, this 10 billion SHIB is the largest individual contribution to the Shiba Inu Burn Portal since it first launched.

The second-largest burn of 1.3 billion SHIB also came from the same address which destroyed 10 billion. It has burned 11.325 billion SHIB across three separate burns.

This address now holds 27% of all burntSHIB. It will be entitled to 27% of the Ryoshis Vision rewards when the next release.

So just who is this massive burner? Well, based on Twitter activity, we believe it is from an account called Forever $SHIB.

This self-described “small whale roaming in the SHIB ocean” has posted the same address that burned this SHIB on Twitter multiple times. It has also shared screenshots suggesting they are the burner.

While they have not yet claimed responsibility for the 10 billion SHIB burn, they have shared images of the Burn Portal showing they burned the 1.3 billion SHIB.

Planet Crypto has reached out to Forever $SHIB for a comment.

Given the size of this transaction, the SHIB community has been quick to praise the massive burn. Shiba Growth lead Milkshake said: “Whoa this SHIB burn is wild.”

A whopping 41 billion SHIB has now been destroyed through the burn portal. It continues to gain support from the community who want to see the Shiba circulating supply decrease.

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