Shiba Inu holder gets response from Champion clothing brand

shiba inu and champion

shiba inu and champion

In a recent Twitter thread, Champion clothing may have acknowledged a long-time wish of the ShibArmy.

Since early 2022, SHIB Head and other Shiba Inu fans have campaigned for the trendy brand to collaborate on a clothing line with the Shiba Inu team.

The Twitter thread in question could be the perfect catalyst to ignite talks on a Shiba Inu x Champion collection.

Shiba Inu x Champion Collection

On September 12, underneath a Slim Jim twitter post, Twitter user Sir Shibs-a-Lot called upon the Champion brand. Two hours later, the official Champion Twitter account responded.

From the response, it seems Champion is aware of the ShibArmy’s efforts. However, the collaboration in question from Champion may refer to Slim Jims more than anything, rather than in reference to Shiba Inu.

In a Shib x Champion story first reported by Planet Crypto, Shiba Inu holder SHIB Head, now a member of the Growth Team, was the first to push for a Shiba Inu x Champion collection.

SHIB Head is a long-time fan of Champion and believes a collaboration would be perfect for Champion from a ‘business standpoint.'

In the past, multiple companies have collaborated with cryptocurrencies or made their own forays into the crypto market. Recent examples include Nike’s collaboration with RTFKT to create CryptoKicks, customisable NFT sneakers.

Another example would be Adidas’s collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht club to make Adidas Originals: Into the Metaverse NFTs.

Pepsi, Meta, Dolce Gabbana and even Gucci have entered the crypto world within the last three years. Champion making a move with the help of Shiba Inu would not be a surprise to crypto investors.

There was even an occasion when McDonald's replied to a Shiba Inu fan who asked if the business could integrate the opportunity for customers to pay for their food using SHIB tokens. McDonald's didn’t take up the offer, but the event itself was entertaining.

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