Shiba Inu Reaches 1.2 Million Holders

Shiba Inu 1.2 Million Holders

Shiba Inu 1.2 Million Holders

Shiba Inu has now reached the 1.2 million holder milestone, some eight months after hitting one million.

Already among the top cryptocurrencies by both holders and market cap, this milestone comes after a turbulent period for SHIB, having added a zero and losing it during a hectic crash.

Here's the breakdown of SHIB holders.

1.2 Million SHIB Holders

This latest SHIB holder milestone, which has seen the ShibArmy grow to its all-time largest size, has been a long time coming. According to Etherscan, 1,200,000 wallets now hold Shiba Inu.

The road to 1.2 million has been slightly slower than SHIB’s dramatic rise to 1 million, spurred on by all-time highs and a bull market. It has been over 200 days since SHIB first hit 1 million, with the token averaging an increase of 863 new holders each day since.

At this rate, SHIB will hit the 2 million holder mark in approximately 926 days - or two and a half years (specifically, January 2025).

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This net increase does hide the number of new users adding SHIB to their wallet each day, however. Approximately 15,000 new wallets add SHIB every day, according to Certik, counteracted by a similar amount selling their SHIB holdings.

Of course, the number of actual holders will vary dramatically from this. Many individuals will hold multiple wallets containing SHIB, while those holding in exchanges will further inflate this number. One analysis in late-2021 suggested the number is more likely to be over 2 million.

Indeed, the official Shiba Inu Twitter account already has 3.4 million followers.

Meanwhile, SHIB’s sister token, BONE, teeters on the edge of reaching 50,000 holders on Etherscan. It currently has 48,933. LEASH, the other token in the SHIB ecosystem, has 29,403 holders.

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