ShibArmy Pushes For LEASH and BONE Exchange Listings Ahead Of Ecosystem Expansion

Image of BONE, SHIB, and LEASH tokens against blurred background of coins including Bitcoin.

The Shiba Inu community appears to be starting a new exchange listing push for BONE and LEASH - the two other tokens aside from SHIB in the Shiba ecosystem.

After the recent AMA revealed further implementation and support for BONE via the Doggy DAO and Shibarium, interest in the wider ecosystem tokens spiked.

With SHIB now listed on the likes of Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and most of the other major exchanges, can the ShibArmy rally behind the other tokens?

Will LEASH and BONE Get New Listings?

One of the listings pushes to have gained traction in 2022 targets a LEASH listing on A petition shared by Shiba Inu Discord moderator and AMA star Queenie requests a listing of LEASH on the exchange.

“Currently, investors can only buy $LEASH by ‘swapping it’ for other coins on several decentralized exchanges,” the petition states. “Unfortunately, this process can be complicated for your average crypto investor or someone new to the space.”

“By listing $LEASH on, it will make this coin, which many people already want to buy, accessible and easy to purchase!”

The petition has garnered 1176 signatures at the time of writing, having only launched this week.

In a tweet on October 30, used the LEASH hashtag, suggesting it is at least aware of its existence.

Meanwhile, a petition to Coinbase also asks the exchange to support LEASH. First launched seven months, it asked Coinbase to list both SHIB and LEASH. With SHIB now available on Coinbase, signatures are still flowing in for a LEASH listing. The petition now has over 82,000 supporters.

A similar petition to list BONE on currently only has 28 signatures.

The ShibArmy is not new to such petitions. The Shiba Inu Robinhood petition now has over 550,000 signatures, although the SHIB listing prospects still look uncertain.

The major cryptocurrency exchanges have not yet listed LEASH or BONE (although BitMart and OKEx list LEASH). The primary way to gain still comes from ShibaSwap.

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