Shiba Inu Robinhood Petition Reaches 500,000 Supporters, But How Likely Is A Listing?

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Shiba Inu Logo and Robinhood Logo on Green Background

Shiba Inu holders ramped up the pressure on Robinhood after a petition to list SHIB on the platform reached 500,000 signatures today.

The petition added 200,000 signatures in under two weeks following the 300,000 milestone hit on October 24.

Before reaching this 500,000,'s listing claimed that at this milestone, the Shiba Inu petition would be among the top 50 petitions in’s history in the UK. Its next targeted milestone is 1,000,000 supporters.

SHIB Petition Hits Half A Million

The Robinhood petition was first launched in May 2021 by Shiba enthusiast Tristan Luke. As the petition neared 500,000 signatures, Luke said:

I think the anticipation has turned out to be as valuable as a listing. The runaway success of this petition shows the world how strong this token is. It has brought people together. Man’s best friend, it seems.

SHIB currently dominates the cryptocurrency section. Aside from several petitions asking exchanges to support SHIB, three Shiba petitions for Amazon support have reached 180,000 supporters.

So, after gaining a supporter list roughly the same size as Malta's population, will Robinhood listen?

Could Robinhood Support SHIB?

Robinhood has remained tight-lipped about its upcoming cryptocurrency offerings, particularly its crypto wallet product.

However, after a recent earnings call revealed the company's crypto-range brought in just $51 million, a lower amount compared to its Q2 earnings, Robinhood may need to expand its crypto listings sooner rather than later.

Of course, there's no guarantee this would immediately be SHIB. The likes of Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot currently have higher market caps than SHIB, although the noise these holders make is considerably lower than the ShibArmy.

Aside from Robinhood, SHIB should be looking towards Kraken. Earlier this week, the exchange tweeted saying it would list Shiba Inu the following day if it reached 2000 likes. Now sitting at 80,000 likes, Kraken sparked fury from Shib holders after pulling back from this statement. Instead, it tweeted the following:

Members of Shiba community review bombed the Kraken app as a result.

These listings, while making Shiba open to a wider range of investors, are being pushed by current SHIB holders who believe it could help SHIB's price skyrocket.

This has led some individuals to spread fake news about SHIB, such as claiming Robinhood would list SHIB on November 1.

SHIB experienced a hefty price drop earlier this week, and is now priced at $0.00006249 - down 28% from its All-Time High but up 22% today.

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