Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) Amazon Petitions Reach A Combined 160,000 Signatures

Three petitions lobbying Amazon to accept Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) have gained a total of 166,000 signatures as interest in the ‘Dogecoin Killer’ continues to surge.

The petitions added a combined 54,000 new signatures last week.

This comes as a petition asking Robinhood to list SHIB recently hit 300,000 signatures - it currently has 466,000 supporters.

SHIB Holders Want Amazon Support

The three petitions and their number of supporters are as follows:

  • Please accept Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as payment for Amazon products and services - 78,154
  • Kindly request Amazon start accepting SHIBA INU as a form of payment - 42,157
  • SHIB4Amazon - Ask Amazon to add SHIB as a payment - 45,896

Justin Taylor, the creator of the top SHIB/Amazon petition, wrote:

We believe that such an action would be mutually beneficial for Amazon and the Shiba Inu Community. Amazon will receive more business, which means a higher margin of profit, and the Shiba Inu Community will gain the convenience of using their cryptocurrency to conduct business with Amazon.

While Amazon appears to be moving into the cryptocurrency space, it seems unlikely that SHIB support will come soon. Amazon does not accept any cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin would be the most obvious coin for the eCommerce giant.

One Twitter user joked that Jeff Bezos could be tempted into SHIB to annoy Elon Musk. The ShibArmy distanced itself from Musk after he said he did not own any SHIB.

However, several online retailers accept SHIB. Payment gateway NOWPayments supports SHIB, alongside other cryptocurrencies, and can be used with the likes of Shopify. While rumours spread that Tesla was gearing up to accept SHIB, this doesn’t seem likely.

SHIB dominates’s cryptocurrency section, making up the top 12 trending cryptocurrency petitions.

One of the major reasons these petitions garner support is not so much so SHIB hodlers can spend their tokens online, but because of the price ramifications. If a major online company such as Amazon or PayPal began accepting SHIB, it could drive the price of Shiba Inu up even higher.

This belief is why the SHIB community is bombarded by fake news about a prospective Robinhood listing.

Of course, this isn’t unique to SHIB. The Doge4Amazon petition that asks Amazon to accept Dogecoin has 240,000 supporters, but only added 39 new supporters last week.

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[Image:Christian Wiediger]

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