Shib x Champion: One SHIB Holder’s Mission To Get A Shiba Champion Collection Of Clothing

SHIB logo against blurred clothing
Credit: Unsplash/Choi Sungwoo

Cryptocurrency communities, while more invested (literally) than in other industries, still behave the same as other communities or fandoms. They want to display their support in a physical form - whether on a coffee cup, sticker, or clothing.

The ShibArmy is no exception. Indeed, there’s already a variety of companies such as Bigger Entertainment and the Shiba Coffee Company selling SHIB-branded items.

However, in a community where adoption and collaborations mean everything, one Shiba holder has launched a quest to get Champion - the US sportswear brand - to create a Shiba Inu line of clothing. We spoke to them to find out more.

Shib x Champion Collection?

The leader of this SHIB x Champion movement, known as SHIB Head, has created over 50 posts across several social media sites asking Champion to create a SHIB-related line.

The posts, which include images of potential SHIB x Champion designs, have garnered significant attention among the ShibArmy - similar to when one hodler asked McDonald’s to accept SHIB.

For SHIB Head, who grew up with the Champion brand, this would be a “no brainer from a business standpoint” for the company.

“I can almost guarantee if they did [create SHIB clothing], it would sell out on the first run,” they said. “Just look at how fast the Shiboshis sold out.”

The Shiboshi NFTs sold out in just 35 minutes when they first launched in October 2021 - with the floor price reaching 0.9 ETH almost immediately. Given any potential SHIB clothing collaborations would likely cost less than the current floor price of 0.94 ETH, it could be more accessible for a wider range of SHIB holders, too.

SHIB Head compared SHIB clothing to “a sports fan wearing their favourite team or players jersey”, a sign of support and to show they are part of a community.

Of course, this remains a hypothetical collaboration at this point, as SHIB Head has had no response for Champion.

While some companies have embraced cryptocurrencies and NFTs, such collaborations do often receive backlash from those critical of the industry, but SHIB Head doesn’t see this as an issue for Champion. He said crypto is an issue “only for companies that make it one” as “crypto is here to stay.”

Aside from Champion, SHIB Head said he would love to see a SHIB sneaker, praising this design for a potential Adidas x SHIB crossover.

Planet Crypto asked Champion for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

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