Even Drinking Coffee Can Burn SHIB After Shiba Coffee Company Launches

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Image of a black Shiba Coffee Company bag, against a background of a white, blurred kitchen counter.

The Shiba Coffee Company launched earlier this month, allowing customers to buy SHIB-branded coffee while also burning Shiba Inu.

The ShibArmy already engages in several community burn projects, including through the SHIB Burner playlist and Bricks Buster mobile game. However, these burn services only exist in the digital world.

Planet Crypto spoke to Mr O’Connor from the Shiba Coffee Company about the recent move into SHIB burning.

SHIB Burning Through Coffee

The Shiba Coffee Company offers a variety of fresh Shiba-branded coffee from $16.99, which customers can purchase using SHIB. 10% of the company profits will go towards burning SHIB.

For Mr O’Connor, coffee is the perfect product to represent Shiba Inu. “Coffee is something that can speak to everyone from every walk of life, just like SHIB,” he said. According to Mr O’Connor, the coffee is well roasted and “will remind you of your favourite local coffee roaster”.

He also spoke about the advantages of selling a physical product for promoting SHIB. “Bridging the digital community that SHIB has created with the physical world is key to making a lasting impact and movement,” he said. “When people can touch and smell something, they can really feel that this isn’t just something online.”

Image of the Shiba Coffee Company website, with pictures of a Shiba Inu mug, coasters, scented candle, stickers, and a tumbler.
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The Shiba Coffee Company also sells several SHIB-branded accessories for your home.

Mr O’Connor praised the SHIB community and its other burning efforts, including the recent Shiba Burn Party. “The fact the other businesses and people are working on ways to increase the price of SHIB through burns just goes to show how strong the SHIB community really is,” he said. The Shiba Coffee Company website also hosts a list of companies burning SHIB for those wanting to burn without destroying their own tokens.

He also noted the benefits SHIB burning can bring to smaller companies and customers. “By pledging to burn SHIB, small business can gain exposure to new customers,” he said. “Customers can find businesses that want to take part in the global movement that SHIB has become.”

As the Shiba Coffee Company only launched this month, they have yet to complete any burns. The company will post future burn transactions, expected to take place every month, on its website.

Outside of coffee, Mr O’Connor said he has several other Shiba-based projects in the works. These include a Yelp-inspired site that lists the businesses accepting SHIB, although he noted he is not a developer and would “welcome any developer who wants to work with me to make it happen sooner”.

The Coffee Company is also selling an NFT of the first SHIB purchase made of its product, with all proceeds going to burning SHIB.


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[Image: Shiba Coffee Company/Michael Browning/Unsplash]

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