Shiba Inu Coin Teases SHIB Food Collaboration In Cryptic Video

Shiba Inu Logo on bag of chips/fries next to ketchup bottle on yellow/orange background.
Credit: Fernando Andrade/Unsplash

The ShibArmy had their appetite met after the Shiba Inu account teased a SHIB collaboration with a potential food brand.

Posting on Twitter, the token said: "Something is cooking...Will you be ready?"

With countless projects already on the SHIB roadmap, such as the Shiberse metaverse project and Shibarium, here's what the latest SHIB post could mean.

Shiba Inu Food?

The video, which displays a blurred smiling Shiba Inu logo on multiple TVs, gave little away about the upcoming collaboration.

The only real clues we have to work on include the cutlery used in the 'X' symbol, and a chicken sound effect used near the start of the video.

As such, members of the ShibArmy - both on Twitter and Discord - have speculated that this could be a potential collaboration between Shiba Inu and a fast food company, such as KFC, or delivery companies.

With McDonald's teasing Elon Musk over Dogecoin earlier this week, and also replying to a SHIB holder's question about SHIB payments last year, the Golden Arches could also be in play.

However, Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi quickly dismissed these rumours as fantasy. After stating it was not KFC, he said:

I know you want McDonald's or whatever but we aren't some band doing an endorsement! This isn't about accepting SHIB.

He further added:

How is signing with McDonald's leading us further towards Decentralization? You think McDonald's accepting SHIB or DOGE for that matter does anything but pump? We want real, lasting change.

Using BitPay Card, SHIB holders can already buy fast food using their tokens. AMC also plans to accept SHIB later this year.

Instead, Shytoshi said 2022 will "show people a new side of SHIB", before commenting he wants "healthy food and a new way to eat" - or quality over quantity. As such, the crossover seems likely to be with a smaller brand more willing to adopt SHIB as more than just a payment method.

We'll keep this page updated with any new information as it comes out.

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