Bigger Entertainment to Host Three SHIB Burning Events in 2022, Including NFT Madness

Shiba Inu Coin logo next to Bigger Entertainment logo against fireworks, as the company announces SHIB burns for 2022.

Shiba Inu Coin logo next to Bigger Entertainment logo against fireworks, as the company announces SHIB burns for 2022.

2022 will see further Shiba Inu burns after Bigger Entertainment announced multiple SHIB burning events between January and March.

Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment, which describes itself as “the first crypto record label” made the announcement on December 26 in the ‘A Very Merry Shiba Christmas Party’ stream. During the event, Bigger Entertainment burned 239 million SHIB, worth $9211.

This wasn’t the first Bigger Entertainment SHIB burn. Following the release of its SHIB Burner playlist, it burned over 400 million SHIB in its Shiba Burn Party.

Upcoming SHIB Burns

Bigger Entertainment’s SHIB burning event schedule is as follows:

  • Valentine’s Day Campaign (SHIB Lovers Merch Drop): January 14 - February 14
  • The SHIB Superburn (Superbowl Week Event): February 7 -  February 13
  • NFT Madness (March Madness Event): March 13 - April 4

Cooper expanded on each of these events during the stream. He said the Valentine’s Day Shiba Inu merchandise will “only exist during these dates”, before the company then burns a large amount of SHIB.

As for the SHIB Superburn, Bigger Entertainment will pit SHIB holders against each other during Superbowl Week. “We are going to create custom SHIB jerseys. Some will say Team Holder, some will say Team Burner,” he said. “We’ll also have a custom Game Day playlist.”

Of the three events, Cooper said the largest is the NFT Madness. “We think we can burn between 5-10 billion coins if we work together on this,” he said.

Bigger Entertainment has called all Shiba Inu NFT artists and designers to gift them (via OpenSea) any NFTs in their goal to gather 10,000 NFTs for the event. “We’re going to sell these things for ridiculously low prices - 500,000 SHIB,” he said. If each NFT sold for 500,000 SHIB, this would raise 5 billion SHIB.

However, Cooper stressed the need for community support. “If the community isn’t rallied behind it, it’s not going to burn a lot. If we rally together, we’re going to burn a crazy amount of coins.”

Bigger Entertainment’s Jack Cottingham, who also hosted the stream, said this would be a great opportunity to promote new NFT artists while providing an opportunity to holders aside from just burning. “If you do happen to get an NFT from a new artist who, a year from now, blows up in the NFT world, maybe you can resell that NFT and make a nice little profit off of it.”

Cooper first teased the March Madness SHIB burner event in an interview with Planet Crypto in November.

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[Image: Unsplash/Erwan Hesry]

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