SHIB Extended Universe: Shiba Inu Game Narrative Spans Through Ecosystem

Shiba Inu logo in front of two PS5 game controllers on grey background.
Credit: Unsplash/Kamil S

Shiba Inu is getting its own extended universe after Shytoshi Kusama announced the Shiba Inu Game narrative will continue across partnerships and projects.

In a blog post on May 10, Shytoshi said the narrative will include elements of the Shiboshi NFTs, John Richmond collaboration, and continue over into the Shiba Inu metaverse.

Also known as the Shib Collectible Card Game (Shib CCG), here’s a look at this storyline from the SHIB lead.

Shiba Inu Game Gets An Extended Narrative

In the post, Shytoshi touched upon the latest developments with Playside and William Volk as Shiba Inu game development continues.

“We’ve been forced to generate a SHIB ‘narrative’ that gives depth to the SHIB CCG, making it more than just memes, battle cards, and awesome art,” said Shytoshi.”

Previously, all we knew about Shiba’s actual role within the games was their position on the in-game cards. These would take inspiration from various Shiba-related aspects.

However, we now know this goes further, crossing through more projects and into the storyline of the title.

“I’ve created a story that spans not only this galaxy but the next, while giving a continuing plot for the game and metaverse (without imposing any limits),” Shytoshi added.

The narrative contains not only the game and metaverse, but also Shiboshis, John Richmond, and Welly. It will also make expand contain elements of the new Shib Financial Ecosystem.

The links to the metaverse seemed particularly emphasised in the blog post. As holders await the mystery Shiba metaverse developer announcement, clues relating to the games could fast link to the metaverse.

We don’t know anything specific about the details or basic plot of the game just yet. However, players should expect to receive this information soon. In previous comments, Shytoshi said the Shiba Inu Game could launch in September, although it still could launch even sooner.

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