Shiba Inu To Launch New NFT Fashion Collection With British Designer John Richmond

Image of Shiba Inu Logo in front of clothes rack of shirts
Credit: Image: Unsplash/Waldemar Brandt

Shiba Inu has announced a new SHIB NFT collection in partnership with British fashion designer John Richmond.

First teased in a cryptic fashion video, we linked Richmond with SHIB in February after finding a series of clues.

So, is this the internet-breaking SHIB announcement? Here's a further look.

SHIB Fashion NFTs Announced

According to the video posted on Shiba Inu's Twitter, 10,000 NFTs will be launched in a "cutting-edge fashion collaboration".

The post states this is "just in time for fashion week", although the Milan Fashion Week ends on 28 February.

As for the NFTs themselves, we're not sure what they will look like, or whether they are paired with physical versions of Richmond's clothing. The post also suggests a collection of Shiba clothing will launch in boutiques worldwide, but we aren't sure of the specifics just yet.

Indeed, there's still quite a lot this announcement did not cover.

We also don't know their prices, or the full release date of these new NFTs. Neither do we know why exactly Richmond was chosen, as we cannot find any connection to Shiba Inu or NFTs. Richmond's website still contains no reference to SHIB nor NFTs. Images and clothing from his latest fashion show do not appear to include anything related to SHIB.

The closet link we found comes from Richmond's first tweet in January. Here, the graphic designer of Welly's - a Shib-themed fast food franchise - replied celebrating Richmond's move onto Twitter. This reply was in January, before any hints of the announcement.

We also don't know how these relate to the wider Shiba ecosystem. Shiba Inu already has a line of NFTs known as the Shiboshis. These will play a pivotal role in future SHIB ecosystem projects such as the game and metaverse.

In a tweet retweeted by Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba community member Milkshake said: "This partnerSHIB is set to push us to yet another industry with great energy, and all for the ShibArmy."

This surprise announcement was previously teased by both Shytoshi and Shiba mod Queenie during the Shiba Inu AMA, when they referred to Shiba Inu being best dressed.

We'll keep this page updated when more news on the Richmond x SHIB NFTs comes out.

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