Shiba Inu Doggy DAO Could Enter Its Next Phase Soon

Shiba Inu logo and BONE token for the Doggy DAO Phase 2

Shiba Inu logo and BONE token for the Doggy DAO Phase 2

After a few months of quiet, it seems more work is set to happen on the Shiba Inu Doggy DAO following its initial beta period.

When it first launched, Shiba Inu’s DAO went through two rounds of voting for allocating ShibaSwap rewards. However, when the last vote concluded in March, no subsequent vote came afterwards.

But now, after a post from Shiba Growth Breed member Milkshake, it seems a re-focus on SHIB’s Doggy DAO could be coming as it heads towards Phase 2.

Shiba Inu Doggy DAO Phase 2

Posting on Twitter, Milkshake asked the community to send in their suggestions for new Doggy DAO categories.

“Working on formalising new Doggy DAO categories for the community to vote on additional areas after [the] beta phase release passes,” she said.

From this, it seems the Shiba team is now exploring and considering additional areas for the DAO to vote on. These would be outside of the ShibaSwap pairings that it already focuses on.

This matches previous comments in a previous blog post. It stated that the DAO 2 will “add more complexity” and “be a system that allows the community to make generic proposals to be considered”.

We already know the DAO will be instrumental in the future of the Welly restaurant chain. Welly announced that Shiba Inu would receive 15% ownership of the fast-food chain.

While the Doggy DAO is still in its testnet phase, comments on the DAO channel in the SHIB Discord have questioned why no further votes have taken place since March. On May 2, Defence member Trophias responded to questions about the next vote, stating:

Not just yet. It’s been a busy time with [Shiba Inu Lands] and a few other things getting prepped. Sorry for the silence.

To participate in the DAO, members of the ShibArmy must stake their BONE toke. They will then receive tBONE and distribute votes accordingly.

There remain no release dates for when the Doggy DAO Phase 2 is coming. But after a few mentions from those closer to the Shiba team, it seems closer than ever.

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