Shiba Inu Announces Results Of First Doggy DAO Vote

Shiba Inu logo next to BONE token logo against white envelope background
Credit: Image: Unsplash/Diana Akhmetianova

The first results from the Shiba Doggy DAO vote are in, with LEASH-SHIB gaining the largest share of the vote.

With 2303 votes cast, the LEASH-SHIB pair gained 3 million of staked BONE (tBONE). This totals 23.38% of the vote, as announced in a Shiba blog post.

This was the first Doggy DAO vote following the launch of Phase One of the Shiba DAO earlier in February.

Shiba Doggy DAO Vote Concludes

As per the Doggy DAO's makeup, the top 30 pairs will gain an allocation of the Woofable Pair BONE rewards. The specific allocations have not yet been announced, however, although it will likely follow the vote percentages. The remaining 50% of rewards go to the already established Locked Pairs, which are deemed vital to the Shiba ecosystem.

The second-largest pair was RYOSHI-WETH, gaining  9.86% of the vote with 1.3m tBONE. This was closely followed by 1.1m tBONE for the SHIB-USDC pairing (8.98%).

The 30th pairing that will gain a proportion of the allocation was ELON-SHIB, gaining 17,000 tBONE - 0.13% of the vote.

WETH-PERL finished with the lowest amount of tBONE, gaining 328 tBONE - under 0.01% of the vote.

This is just the first stage of the Doggy DAO's rollout, with further decentralisation efforts expected down the line.

However, this was not the first Doggy DAO vote. The snapshot used shows three votes took place in 2021, although failed to gain a large BONE turnout. These included a request to list the PEEPS token, and a poll asking if Shiba lead Shytoshi Kusama is dead.

As with many beta tests, the DAO appears to have garnered some complaints relating to the timings of the 'snapshot' that meant only those who staked before February 18 could vote. As a result, new members could not vote for the pairings, or their votes were not counted. In the blog post, the Shiba team said: "We will be resolving this in the future voting processes."

Others complained the final results did not reflect the voting results they saw on the portal. The blog post states this is because of a bug that meant the DAO portal only showed the first 1000 votes, but the remaining votes were still counted in the background.

Shiba Discord mod Trophias said in the Doggy DAO channel: "Things are expected to go wrong, but it was a smooth launch."

The DAO will also play a role in the future of the Shiba-inspired fast-food franchise Welly, which plans to roll out new restaurants in 2023.

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