How The Shiba Ecosystem Will Burn SHIB In The Future

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Image of burnt Shiba Inu logo against a sunny background.
Credit: Image: Unsplash/Scott Goodwill

For the Shiba Inu community, SHIB burns are vital to the future of their cryptocurrency.

Community burns through the Bricks Buster game and Bigger Entertainment, for example, have led the way for SHIB burning. And now, after the significant attention these burned gained, the Shiba ecosystem is ready to implement larger burning mechanisms aimed at cutting the supply of SHIB.

Here’s a look at what SHIB holders can expect to happen.

Upcoming Shiba Ecosystem Burns

While some in the Shiba team have expressed scepticism towards burning’s viability, the overwhelming community requests for burn mechanics have become impossible to ignore.

As such, burning will be implemented across the Shiba ecosystem, into every project aside from the Shiba Inu games.

Much of the new information we have on Shiba ecosystem burns comes from the latest Shiba Inu AMA. During the AMA, Shib Informer announced the proposed creation of an official burn portal within ShibaSwap. He said: “ShibaSwap 2.0 will have a specific burning portal.”

However, Shib Informer did not give details about what the burning portal will look like, or how it will function. He followed up on Twitter stating the team will not give a release date until close to launch.

Given the problems Shiba faced after proposing a release date for its original ShibaSwap launch, this is a guiding principle the team now uses across all projects on the Shiba roadmap.

Explaining the vision behind the ecosystem burns, Shib Informer said:

The [burn] systems that will be in place will be built around some functionality. We want to make the burn rate grow with the utilisation rate of the platform. We can have a virtuous cycle that feeds back into each other. As you get more utilisation, you get more of a burning rate.

Essentially, Shiba Inu burning will contribute towards the wider utility of the Shiba ecosystem. Through these mechanics, holders have an additional incentive to use the likes of ShibaSwap - they’ll be burning SHIB as they do so.

However, Shib Informer warned holders to be realistic. Referencing some false rumours about massive SHIB burns by the developers, he said: “Don’t ever ask for 90% burns, please, because this is really impossible.”

Aside from this, the Shiboshi NFTs will continue to contribute towards the burns with their re-naming burns.

Community burn efforts will also continue, although with an added caution that holders should only trust those who show the receipts and transaction details of their burns.

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