Shiba Inu Partners With Exo Viewer For 3D Shiboshi Display

Shiba Inu Exo Viewer

Shiba Inu is working with Exo Viewer to bring Shiboshis from the upcoming Shiba Inu Game into interactive 3D displays.

As announced in a short Twitter video, players in the Shiba Inu Game will be able to proudly display their NFTs in a 3D environment.

Here’s a more in-depth look at this new SHIB feature.

Shiba Inu Game 3D Shiboshi Display

Shiboshi characters will be stepping away from their 2D artwork and into 3D renderings, courtesy of the Exo Viewer display.

Used to allow NFT holders to interact with and show off their NFTs in a more dynamic fashion, Shiba Inu confirmed its Exo Viewer support earlier on July 13.

The video gave little away about both the Exo Viewer and Shiba Inu Game. It featured the same dojo background previously shared by developer William Volk. The start of the video also features a short, obscured clip of a Shiba Inu character, which could be an indication of what these 3D models look like.

No date has been given for this release aside from a “Coming Soon” from the Shiba account. We’d expect the displays to go live shortly after the Shiba Inu Game launches.

Exo Viewer is a 3D NFT Display created by PlaySide Studios - the developer of the upcoming Shiba Inu Game. It currently supports the Beans NFT project, based on PlaySide’s other successful Dumb Ways To Die product.

To view these models, users need to enter their wallet address.

While Exo Viewer’s tweet mentions Shiboshis from the Shiba Inu Game, we aren’t sure what specifically this refers to. It could mean the actual Shiboshi NFTs, set to feature somehow in these games, or brand-new designs seen on the new Shiba Inu Game cards revealed by Shytoshi Kusama.

This latter option seems more likely, with Shytoshi previously revealing a 3D render from the game as his profile picture. This model will likely be displayed in the Exo Viewer.

Shiboshi NFT holders already have some 3D ideas of what their NFT looks like. Shiboshi holder and artist Mewns creates 3D renderings of Shiboshis, which have garnered praise from across the SHIB community.

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