SHIB Holders Create 3D Shiboshi Models For A Shiba Inu Metaverse Experience

Shiboshi NFT Shiba Inu 3D Render
Credit: Mewns

Shiboshi NFT Shiba Inu 3D Render
Credit: Mewns

Two Shiba Inu and Shiboshi holders are creating 3D models that they hope can be used in a Shiba Inu metaverse or gaming experience.

Mewns and Shiblon Musk, both holders of Shiboshis, have set out to create an experience based on the Shiboshi NFTs.

Planet Crypto spoke to the pair about their plans for the new 3D Shiboshi model, and Mewns’ existing Shiboshi model.

3D Shiboshi Models For A New SHIB Project

Mewns has gained a following among SHIB and Shiboshi holders for his 3D models of the Shiboshi NFTs. These 3D renders were intended to give Shiboshi holders a new look at their pixel Shiboshis.

“With the previous Shiboshi models, you can’t use them in a game as they are a simple model,” Mewns said. “For rendering, you just have to have the model in 3D.”

However, along with fellow Shiboshi holder Shiblon Musk, the pair are now working on a new 3D model. They have now created a design, which Mewns posted on Twitter, based on Shytoshi Kusama’s new profile picture of a model from the Shiba Inu game. They then hope that this can be rendered into a gaming experience.

“I’ve got a game demo prototype where you have an animated dog character that can navigate a 3D environment,” said Shiblon Musk. “There will be different quests and activities available.”

The pair hope that, once the Shiba Inu metaverse launches, they can host this experience on a piece of metaverse land, similar to how it works in other metaverses such as Decentraland.

“My goal is to help bring fun experiences to the SHIB metaverse,” said Shiblon, who hopes to have a working demo available on at some point in the future.

However, Mewns stressed that this is not intended to compete or take away from the official endeavours. “We are not substituting from any official projects, we are just creating something that would be driven by the community.”

Mewns’ initial 3D models will still remain, with the creator stating that “it’s started to become its own collection.”

“The Shiboshi family is still asking for these renders. So it will be kept in parallel to the work we are doing.”

Mewns said there are 145 different 3D Shiboshi renders at this moment.

The pair also called on the SHIB community to help out with this effort when they can. “I’m not a rigging or animation expert, I’m probably more of a programmer,” Shiblon said. Mewns called on others who want to participate and bring the expertise to contact them, or create their own idea.

“If you have any expertise or you want to develop something that the community can do, I think it would do a lot good for the project itself.”

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