Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP Tier List - Best Cookies and Meta Arena Teams

April 18, 2022: Cherry Blossom Cookie has arrived, but we need more to to analyse her skills before placing her into her rightful position on the Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list.

By taking a good look at the Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list, you'll be able to work out whether or not you stand a chance against your next opponent. Using it to gauge your target can help clarify any power level confusion, but it's a great way to figure out how to build the best arena teams as well.

The action role-playing game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, is a very generous gacha RPG, and the Arena mode is where you'll get most of your post-game Crystals to support your gacha dreams. You can do reasonably well with the rest strategy as soon as you unlock it, but you'll need to put time into finding the best arena teams to really reap the rewards.

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Herb, Almond, Dark Cacao, Frost Queen, Hollyberry, Eclair
Sorbet Shark, Pure Vanilla, Pumpkin Pie, Cotton, Sea Fairy
Moon Rabbit, Cream Puff, Parfait Red Velvet, Affogato, Caramel Arrow, Tea Knight
GingerBrave, Squid Ink, Poison Mushroom, Cocoa, Espresso
Sonic, Tails, Angel

This is far from an exhaustive Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list at the moment, but it does highlight some of the best picks not only from recent patches, but from ones far in a past as well. The cookies above make up the PVP Arena meta right now, meaning they're the few you'll see more often than not as you climb the ranks.

As strong as someone like Eclair has proven to be, newer releases like Caramel Arrow just aren't built for competitive play in the same way. Likewise, Almond Cookie is still very much a stable pick for those who have him. His silence can lock most teams out of their vital skills, turning them into sitting ducks for the rest of his team to pick off.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list can help you scale the ranks of the game's Arena mode.
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Dark Cacao Cookie
Frost Queen, Eclair
Cotton, Pumpkin Pie
This one relies on disruption from Frost Queen and Pumpkin Pie early on. Sheep/PonPon summons pitch in with defense and support.
Strawberry Crepe
Frost Queen, Eclair
Cotton, Pumpkin Pie
Much the same as above but a little easier to pull off with Strawberry Crepe being more common than Dark Cacao.
Sorbet Shark, Sea Fairy
Black Raisin, Pure Vanilla
This is a heavy DPS team with decent defense/stun and a solid healer backline. It relies on initial burst but can inflict enough damage early on to avoid crumbling later.
Mala Sauce
Sorbet Shark, Frost Queen
Pumpkin Pie, Cotton
This one focuses on heavy interrupts, which will block the opposing team from doing just about anything. Cooldown time is a problem without the right treasures, though, which can create a counter opportunity.

These are our suggestions for the best arena teams in Cookie: Run Kingdom. However, you may want to build your own team from scratch. We'll keep adding more as we work out how they tick.

If you do want to build your own team, here are some handy tips:

  • Have a powerful healer - the longer you can stay alive, the more likely it is you'll win.
  • Have at least two Cookies with strong ATK - the goal is to beat the other team, so who wouldn't want to have a few tough cookies on their team?
  • Have defense Cookies - Sometimes, a good defense is a great offense.
  • Use Toppings - Toppings are a fantastic way of adding buffs to your Cookies. Do not forget to use them! In an automated battle, you are out of control once you enter, so take your time to choose the best ones.
  • Consider your Treasures! - Once you unlock all three Treasure slots, you'll need to start carefully considering which really aid your team or plug the holes in their defenses. You'll notice some teams completely forget to use them. They're easy wins.
  • Learn from other teams - If you are beaten by another team, then it's always a good idea to look at their build/team structure. This way, you can learn how they beat your team, and how you can alter yours to increase your chance of winning next time.

Ultimately, having a great team is all about creating a balanced one. If you ensure that front, mid, and rear sections are equal in power, you've got a good chance of winning.

The Arenas are a place where you can enter your team of Cookies in fierce battles with other Cookie squads. The entire battle is automated, so all you need to do is to build the strongest team possible.

You cannot access the Arenas until you have completed the first level of episode 3 (3-1). Once you've completed that level, you will unlock the Arenas.

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Once you have unlocked the Arenas, head back to your Kingdom. From here, select the "Play" option at the bottom of your screen. You should see a variety of different game modes.

Scroll along slightly and select the "Kingdom Arena" option. You may notice that at the bottom of this section there is a countdown timer. This is showing you how long is left in the current arena season.

You can also enter the arena's through the Statue of Victory in your Kingdom.

Kingdom Arena Screen

Once the arena screen loads up, it should look like the screen above. On the left of the screen, you will be able to see your current ranking in the arenas. You can see your team's attack power, defense power, how many trophies you have, and when the current season will end.

On the rest of the screen, you can see the teams that you can battle. You can see their chosen Cookies, attack power, team name, and trophies. If you see a team you think you can beat, click on the "battle" option next to them. This will then thrust you into the preparation area.

Battle Preparations

When you choose to battle a team, you'll end up in a battle preparation screen that is very similar to the one you have in the main game mode. Here, you can alter your team layout, upgrade your Cookies, and get everything ready for the fight.

On the right of your screen, you can see a few details about the opposing team that can help you tweak yours. Once you are happy with your team, select "Battle" to start the fight. Each battle will cost one Arena Ticket.

Fight Cookies, Fight!

The battle itself is automated. You can speed up the process with the little x1 (or more) button on the bottom left of the screen. All you have to do is watch the fight unfold. You can monitor the health levels of each team at the top of the screen to see which one is likely to win.

If our team loses, you will lose some of your trophies. However, if you win, you'll gain a handful of rewards (trophies included).

When you win a battle, you can be showered with trophies and medals. Medals can be spent at the Medal Shop, but trophies are the ones that you want to collect.

At the end of each Season, the amount of trophies you have will determine which rewards you can get. You can get:

  • Crystals
  • Medals
  • Currency
  • Cosmetics
  • Icons
  • Kingdom Buildings
  • Ancient Cookies

Beyond codes, first-time clear bonuses, and buying your way through, it's one of the best ways to get free crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you can reliably hit 2000 trophies each season, you'll get around 15,000 Crystals each month for doing very little.

Arena Tickets refresh daily. Once you use up all of your tickets, you'll need to wait until the following day for more. Fortunately, the game is quite generous when it comes to restocking your tickets.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP tier list can help you get a bunch of rewards from the medal shop.
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What Is the Medal Shop?

The medal shop is where you can spend your hard-earned medals after winning a battle. Here, you can trade your medals for a variety of different items that can be used in all aspects of the game.

The current arena season is Dark Cacao Season 1. It's due to end on April 20, 2022.

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