Call of Duty Vanguard Pistol Tier List -Every Handgun Ranked From Best To Worst

Call of Duty Vanguard Pistol Tier List

Call of Duty Vanguard Pistol Tier List

Pistols in Call of Duty: Vanguard are regularly used as a crutch to fall back on in situations where reloading a primary weapon may not be the best solution. Often used to make an impact in close-range scenarios, Vanguard's selection of handguns provide players with plenty of variety ranging from a fully automatic menace to semi-automatic offerings that require more precision to deal enough damage. As Season 2 begins to progress, pistols are a regular feature in the loadouts of players thanks to their impressive versatility in many in-game scenarios.

Depending on your style of play, the right handgun results in regular success over the course of a match. Find out which is the best pistol to use and which one you should consider avoiding in our ultimate tier list. These aren't necessarily the best weapons in Vanguard, but a ranking of some of the best secondary weapons.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Pistol Tier List

Before we reveal the very pistol available in Vanguard multiplayer, it's worth noting that Sledgehammer Games is regularly changing various weapon statistics to influence their performance over the course of a match. With that said, here's the definitive Vanguard pistol tier list!

Call of Duty Vanguard Pistol Tier List


Machine Pistol


Itra Burst
Owen Gun


3-Line Rifle
Type 11
Gracey Auto
M1 Garand


Type 99
Type 100


Top Break
Double Barrel
Einhorn Revolving
Combat Shotgun

As the only semi-automatic pistols available in the Vanguard arsenal, there's very little to separate the Ratt and the 1911 which is why they've been placed at the very top of our tier list. With a few well-placed shots to the upper body, it's very hard to go wrong with either of these two pistols during a game.

Call of Duty Vanguard Character Using 1911 Pistol
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Despite being the only fully automatic pistol in Vanguard, the Machine Pistol doesn't pack the same punch as it once did, taking plenty of time to take down an opponent in comparison to the Ratt and the 1911. It's still solid in very close-range combat but other than that, the lack of versatility lets it down.

Call of Duty Vanguard Machine Pistol
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Both of these pistols feature a solid level of firepower which is important when selecting a strong secondary weapon but the lower levels of mobility compared to the pistols higher up the list mean the Top Break and Klauser are probably best avoiding until a Double Weapon XP weekend when you can unlock all of the attachments as quickly as possible. Until then, stick with the other sidearms to deal maximum impact.

There you have it! That's the definitive tier list for the pistols in Call of Duty Vanguard. For more weapon rankings, check out our tier lists on Vanguard's LMGs, shotguns, and marksman rifles.

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