Call of Duty Vanguard Shotgun Tier List (March 2024) - Ranked From Best To Worst

Call of Duty Vanguard Shotgun Tier List

Call of Duty Vanguard Shotgun Tier List

When it comes to close-quarters combat in Call of Duty: Vanguard, there are very few weapons that can compete with the immense power of a shotgun. Capable of dealing with an opponent with one precise shell, the category has been moved back into the primary weapons after being a secondary weapon in Black Ops Cold War. As Season 2 progresses, players are still attempting to figure out which is the best shotgun to use thanks to recent nerfs from Sledgehammer Games.

With the majority of Vanguard's multiplayer maps featuring a range of destructible elements, shotguns can also be utilised to create new lines of sight and innovative pathways into particular areas of a map. four shotguns are available in Vanguard, all of them possess contrasting qualities that can enable players to excel. Here's a complete tier list ranking all of Vanguard's shotguns.

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COD Vanguard Shotgun Tier List

COD Vanguard Shotgun Tier List


Double Barrel Shotgun


Combat Shotgun


Revolving Shotgun


Auto Loading Shotgun

With little to separate the shotguns that are available, each of them does have its own set of flaws that do set them apart from each other. Having tested the Gracey Auto and Double Barrel, here's the ultimate Vanguard shotgun tier list

Despite its slow reloading speed, the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun only takes one or two bullets to score an elimination. It also features a surprisingly long range, enabling you to deal damage at further distances, catching assault rifle players and submachine gunners off-guard.

Joining the Einhorn as another top contender is the Combat Shotgun. Featuring incredible firepower, this pump-action beast dominates close-quarters engagements and is the perfect weapon for running and gunning.

Call of Duty Vanguard Shotgun Tier List Revolving Shotgun
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Usually, semi-automatic shotguns feature frequently in the loadouts of players but in the case of the Gracey Auto, its lower levels of damage mean it takes multiple shots to deal enough damage to secure a kill. It has its place but the Revolving Shotgun and Combat Shotgun are the superior choices.

Call of Duty Vanguard Gracey Auto Shotgun Shotgun Tier List
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B-Tier isn't exactly the worst place to be but in the case of the Double Barrel Shotgun, it's the lowest tier in the Shotgun category. Despite the immense power of the weapon, regular reloading is a problem and is often the cause of being eliminated by a player equipped with a larger magazine.

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