Best Einhorn Revolving Shotgun Loadout, Blueprint & Attachments for Call of Duty Vanguard

When it comes to achieving success in close-quarters situations during a Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer match, there are very few weapons that come close to outgunning a fully-equipped shotgun. The Einhorn Revolving Shotgun is one of many shotguns that are available to use and it comes complete with a unique magazine and a surprisingly strong damage range that makes this particular shotgun useful in some mid-range scenarios. As Season 1 begins, shotguns could feature more changes to bring them in line with the rest of the arsenal but the Einhorn Revolving is still expected to feature in the meta.

Listed as an S-Tier shotgun, the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun packs a deadly punch when up close and personal with an opponent but its clever magazine does lead to slow reload speeds that are often the cause of being killed by the enemy team. In this guide, find the best Revolving Shotgun attachments to use and the best Revolving Shotgun loadout to dominate Vanguard's multiplayer.

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How To Unlock The Einhorn Revolving Shotgun in Vanguard

The Einhorn Revolving Shotgun is available to unlock as soon as you unlock custom loadouts at Level 3, making it one of the very first weapons available to use.

Call of Duty Vanguard Revolving Shotgun
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The Best Einhorn Revolving Shotgun Attachments in Vanguard

With numerous ways to build the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun to excel in close-range combat or to make more of an impact at longer distances, attachment selection can boil down to your style of play. On this occasion, we've attempted to build a hybrid that can perform well in both scenarios.

  • Muzzle: G28 Compressor
  • Barrel: CGC 22″ Rapid
  • Optic: MK 3 Sunfilter
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: MK6 Para
  • Magazine: 12 Gauge 10 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Slug
  • Rear Grip: Hatched Grip
  • Proficiency: Headhunter
  • Kit: Quick

Some of the attachments included in this build involved ranking up the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun to a high level and while it may take a bit of time, the grind is definitely worth the reward once they've been equipped. The combination of Slug Rounds and a 10-Round Drum significantly improve the incredibly slow reload speed. With more rounds in the chamber, there's no need to reload after every kill.

The choice of optic is always personal preference so don't be afraid to choose one that you're more comfortable with to maximise the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun's immense mid-range power by aiming down sights. For close-range impact, simply fire from the hip.

Revolving Shotgun Call of Duty Vanguard Best Attachments
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The Best Einhorn Revolving Shotgun Loadout in Vanguard

After going through the lengthy process of equipping all ten attachments to the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun, it's time to turn our attention to the rest of the loadout. With a variety of Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades available to use to your advantage, we've found a combination that suits this shotgun perfectly.


  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Radar
  • Perk 3: Double Time

These Perks feature regularly in the best loadouts becuase they provide so many advantages in a match. Ghost keeps your location hidden from enemy Spy Planes when moving around the map while Radar pings any unsuppressed gunfire on the minimap, making it much easier to track down the opposition.

The third and final Perk we selected is Double Time thanks to its increase in Tactical Sprint length. Without it, navigating the map quickly can leave you exposed to assault rifles and snipers that have far superior range.


  • Lethal: Gammon Bomb
  • Tactical: MK V Gas

The Gammon Bomb is hugely effective when running and gunning with the Revolving Shotgun in hand. If another player suddenly appears, it can be faster to throw the Lethal at them thanks to the shotgun's sprint to fire time. The choice of Tactical may be strange but if you throw the Gas Grenade into an area where you think an enemy could be hiding, the sound of them coughing combined with the damage dealt guarantees a very straightforward elimination.

Field Upgrade

  • Armor Plates

Sometimes, the range of the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun falls short, meaning you'll need a few more rounds to take care of the target. By equipping Armor Plates, it ensures that their time to kill is longer than yours, giving you the upper hand in mid-range engagements.

The Best Revolving Shotgun Blueprint in Vanguard

So far, there has been no information on the blueprints for the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun but as soon as we find one equipped with plenty of attachments and a unique design, we will provide all the intel in this guide.

There you have it. That's how to prepare the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun for multiplayer action. For more Vanguard guides, check out the best Combat Shield loadout and how to complete Elite Operator challenges.

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