How To Skip Match Quit Suspension In Cold War’s League Play

Season 2 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War has gone live across all platforms and as part of the mid-season update, Treyarch has implemented a number of changes to League Play including a new wave of restrictions and penalties for those that engage in friendly fire or leave a match before it ends.

Players that do leave early will now receive a 15-minute suspension as a deterrent for leaving matches on a regular basis, and while it may seem annoying, it’s a great way to stop other players from ruining your matches by putting you at a numerical disadvantage.

For those that would be penalised by leaving the game even though they’re at a disadvantage, there is a way of completely avoiding the penalty.

Here’s how to skip the match quit suspension in League Play!

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How To Skip Match Quit Suspension In League Play

League Play Black Ops Cold War Changes Season 2 Reloaded Penalty System
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Plenty of changes to League Play in Season 2 Reloaded

The penalty system is designed to punish but when you’re the last man standing against a team of four and you want to leave the game, it’s not exactly fair when the only option is to quit and receive a penalty thanks to your teammates that have already abandoned you.

Thankfully, this method allows you to avoid the 15-minute wait meaning you can get straight back into the action.

If you do find yourself in a situation where the numbers are against you, simply close down the app. For consoles, head to your respective dashboard, highlight the game and select the option to close the game.

For PC players, hit CRTL, ALT, and Delete to open the Task Manager and end Black Ops Cold War by highlighting it and selecting End Task.

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Once complete, load back into League Play and you will be able to jump straight back into the action without the need to wait.

A Surrender Option

If there was some kind of option to surrender when the odds are against players, there wouldn’t be any need for an elaborate bypass to avoid the penalty.

Until an option to surrender is added into League Play, this is likely to be the only way to evade a penalty.

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