Forsaken Easter Egg Guide: How To Complete the Main Quest, ALL Steps & Walkthrough

Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War is well underway and one of the highlights of the new season has been the release of Forsaken, the fourth and final round-based Zombies map of the Dark Aether storyline. Set in a Soviet training facility, Forsaken features an all-new Wonder Weapon as well as the final battle between Requiem and Omega.

As with any Zombies map, there's a main Easter Egg quest filled with a number of steps in order to gain access to the final boss of the map, and Forsaken is no different. To complete it as fast as possible, here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete the main Easter Egg quest on Forsaken.

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Forsaken Easter Egg Main Quest Guide

Forsaken Main Easter Egg Quest Walkthrough
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WARNING: Before we go any further with the walkthrough, it does contain spoilers so if you haven't seen the final cutscenes, read on at your own risk.

1. At the start of a match, head towards the teleporter to activate a 30-second timer. Once the timer has run out, head through the teleporter to enter the facility.

2. Head through the doors to another teleporter to enter Anytown. Once inside, there are four parts required for the next step and they can be found at the following locations:

- Video Store
- Cinema
- TV Store
- Burger Town

Once these parts have been obtained, repair the teleporter to head to the next location.

3. Open the blue door to enter The Amplifier. As you get close to the teleporter, an Abomination will spawn.

Tip: Take your time to eliminate the Abomination. Wait for its heads to glow to deal maximum damage.

With the Abomination dead, make your way through the teleporter and into the Observation Room.

4. Head to the centre console and press a red button to activate the Pack-a-Punch machine. Next, head to a long, rectangular window where another button is located. Press it to trigger a cutscene.

5. Two rounds after the cutscene, three Aetherium crystals will land on the map. Once they've landed, make your way to the next area of the map.

6. Advance to the Fuel Processing area and interact with the fuel tanks.

Tip: If you're doing the Easter Egg as a team, interact with the fuel tanks at the same time. This step can be bugged so be sure your timing is spot on.

With the crystal inserted, a lockdown will trigger. Eliminate the Zombies around the tanks to fill them. Once they're full, the first part for the Neutraliser will appear. Pick it up and head into the Board Room.

7. This next step requires the assistance of an Abomination. Hanging on the wall of the Board Room is another part. Lead the Abomination into the Board Room and its attack will knock it down to the ground. Once you've got the part, head to the Pack-a-Punch machine and purchase the Dead Wire Ammo Mod.

8. With the Dead Wire weapon in hand, head to the Arcade and stand next to the Grand Prix arcade machine which is switched off. Shock a Zombie standing next to the machine and it will turn on, allowing you to spawn in an RC-XD for 2000 Essence. Drive the car to the TV Store through a vent that's found behind the Cashier's Desk. Detonate it next to the shelf to knock it over. This will create a hole in the wall where the third and final Neutraliser part is located.

9. The next step requires you to have the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in hand. Head to the Aetherium crystals that landed earlier in the game and you'll see orbs floating around the crystals. Switch the Chrysalax to its gun form and shoot the orbs. Once they've been destroyed, use the axe to smash the crystal where you can get your hands on a Crystal Shard.

10. Find an Abomination and throw the Shard into its mouth. Its tail will glow orange once it's eaten the crystal. Eliminate the Abomination and it will drop a Catalyzed Crystal Shard. Repeat the process for the other two Shards. It's now time to build the Neutraliser!

11, Head to a crafting bench to create the Neutraliser. As it moves along the road, fuel is required to keep it moving. Collect the orange crystals to power the device until it shuts down.

Tip: Head up the ladders to find some additional crystals to move the Neutraliser to its final destination.

Once it's stopped moving, a Der Wunderfizz, Pack-a-Punch, and Crafting bench will spawn, giving you one final opportunity to upgrade weapons and buy Perks before the final showdown.

Forsaken Easter Egg Boss Fight Tips & Guide

Forsaken Easter Egg Quest Boss Fight
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The boss fight can prove to be tricky but with plenty of coordination, it can be straightforward to complete. Here's how to defeat the final boss in the Forsaken Easter Egg!

  1. Open the containment door to confront the Forsaken. Fill up Maxis' Essence Level to power up the turrets that will come in handy later on. With the guns charged up, destroy the armour of the Forsaken by shooting its shoulder pads. Once the armour is destroyed, fire the turret at the Forsaken's weak spot.
  2. Shoot the second turret again and a short cutscene will appear. Repeat the process again to deplete the final part of the health bar.
  3. With the health bar gone, the Forsaken will say that it is "through playing games. This ends now."

We won't spoil the ending as it's amazing and sets the scene perfectly for the next chapter in the story beginning in Call of Duty: Vanguard. That's how to complete the Forsaken Main Easter Egg Quest. For those that prefer a visual guide, Zombies extraordinaire MrRoflWaffles has a complete video which can be found below.

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