Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map: Everything You Need To Know

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The release of Mauer Der Toten has been met with plenty of positivity from the Zombies community, with many taking to the streets of Berlin to discover the secrets that lie within the latest chapter of the Dark Aether storyline. As players continue to reach incredibly high rounds and complete the main Easter Egg quest, attention is already beginning to turn towards the release of the fourth round-based map.

With new Intel expected to appear when Season 5 releases, new clues surrounding the next chapter in the conflict between Requiem and Omega are likely to appear, giving us an idea of what could be next for the storyline. Here's everything you need to know about the fourth round-based Zombies map!

Latest News

PhD Flopper Returning - September 30th

Treyarch is continuing to post teasers involving the Forsaken map. The most recent teaser saw the developer post a sound clip of the PhD Flopper music that played from the Perk machine, all but confirming its return in the new map.

Zombies Map 4 Name - September 28th

Treyarch wasn't messing about with the teasers! The Zombies developer has revealed the official name for the fourth round-based map. The map will be called "Forsaken."

More Teasers On The Way - September 28th

Alongside posting yet another teaser for the new map, Treyarch has confirmed that more "intel" on the map will be arriving on September 28th. Keep your eyes peeled on this article for all the latest news and information!

Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 4 Release Date

Treyarch has confirmed that Forsaken will be available to play when Season 6 begins on October 7th.

Forsaken Wonder Weapon

With the launch of a brand-new map, players will be able to get their hands on a brand-new Wonder Weapon capable of slaying the undead with ease. Treyarch has began to tease the new weapon which is known as the Chrysalax.

What Is Project Janus?

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Project Janus Computer Screen
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Within the cutscene for the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg, a screen mentioning Project Janus appeared alongside a mention of Samantha Maxis which suggests her Aetherial powers are becoming a problem. Considering Project Endstation was the mysterious experiment that featured all the way back in Die Maschine, it's likely that Janus will be the name of the main quest for DLC 4.

Janus was the God of beginnings in Roman mythology and resided over doors and endings. Will the end of the Dark Aether storyline take place within the Dark Aether itself?!

Double Tap Cold War Zombies

Double Tap Cold War Zombies Perk Logo
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According to notable Call of Duty Leaker @TheGamingRevo3, one of the new Perks expected to appear in DLC 4 is Double Tap Root Beer. The Perk will give players an increased rate of fire, enabling them to deal even more damage to undead opposition at the cost of burning through ammunition at a quicker rate.

Alongside Double Tap, the leaker claims that PHD-Flopper will also be making a return to Zombies. Could this mean that the diving mechanic will be making a return?!

Cold War Zombies New Skill Tiers

There are already five Skill Tiers available to upgrade within Black Ops Cold War Zombies and according to leaks, Treyarch could be adding in a sixth and seventh Skill Tier added, providing even more customisation options to get the upper hand over the undead.

As always, leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, and until any official information emerges, we will be sure to update the article with the latest news.

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