All Mauer Der Toten Perk Locations

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Mauer Der Toten has arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and has given fans plenty of undead action to play through, injecting a bit of afterlife to a game that was already pretty healthy in the eyes of many.

Naturally, players are trying to survive in Mauer Der Toten and there are Perks you can get once the power has been turned on, so make sure to do that before looking for these upgrades.

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All Mauer Der Toten Perk Locations

So, without further ado, here are the Perk locations in Mauer Der Toten and what they do for the player.

  • Tombstone Perk: This Perk lets players come back to life as a shadow and allows them to revive themselves, even keeping all of their weapons for 1500 COD Points. Find the Tombstone Perk downstairs in the 5th Floor Apartments.
  • Quick Revive Perk: A useful Perk in Mauer Der Toten as this lets you revive your friends while having increased healing for 2500 COD Points. You can find the Quick Revive Perk on top of the Destroyed Penthouse.
  • Speed Cola Perk: For 2500 COD Points, players can reload their bullets and swap weapons faster. Players will be able to find this on the Korber Rooftop in Mauer Der Toten, the opposite building where the Quick Revive Perk is.
  • Stamin-Up Perk: Players will be able to spend 2500 COD Points for faster running speed, letting them outrun zombies with little-to-no problems. You can find this in the Hotel Lounge, which can be entered through the aforementioned Korber Rooftop in Mauer Der Toten.
  • Jugger-nog Perk: X-Men fans will be sad that it doesn’t make you unstoppable, but the Perk does allow players to have a significant increase in health. Black Ops Cold War players can find this in The Bar of Mauer Der Toten, which is down on the streets.
  • Deadshot Daquiri Perk: This Per gives players enhanced Aim Assist, giving them the chance to headshot some of these zombies. You can find this in the Service Passage when taking the manhole to go underground.
  • Mule Kick Perk: Black Ops Cold War fans will want this Perk, as it allows them to carry a third Primary Weapon, with increased ammo and equipment if you choose to upgrade it. Find this Perk in Mauer Der Toten’s Ghost Station, which is the subway underneath the streets.
  • Elemental Pop Perk: This lets players equip a random mod on their weapon for 2500 COD Points, so spend at your own risk. Give this Perk a shot by finding it in the Power Room, beside the power switch.
  • Der Wunderfizz Perk: Not really a Perk but a machine that lets you choose a number of Perks. Found in the Department Store beside the Pack-a-Punch machine.

That’s all the Perks that can be found in Mauer Der Toten. It’s clear that the developers had a fun time working on this and players should try to find all of these when playing for a huge advantage against some tough undead opposition.

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