How To Unlock the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken

Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War is finally underway and it's a big season of post-launch content for Zombies with the release of Forsaken, the final round-based map of the Dark Aether storyline. The map set in a Soviet training facility contains all kinds of unique elements, including playable arcade machines, the PhD Slider Perk, and a brand-new Wonder Weapon know as the Chrysalax.

This particular Wonder Weapon can be used as a melee weapon as well as a fast-firing gun capable of slaying undead opposition with ease. The weapon also features some unique abilities to keep any Zombies away from you. Find out how to get your hands on the Chrysalax in this guide!

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How To Unlock Chrysalax

Chrysalax Wonder Weapon
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Within Forsaken, there are a total of three methods to get hold of the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. The first method involves a lot of luck and the infamous Mystery Box. Spend 950 Essence on the box and hope the weapon makes an appearance from the depths of the box. This is the easiest way to get the weapon but the chances of obtaining the Chrysalax are relatively slim.

The second way to get the weapon is by completing a Legendary Trial. If you can complete the challenge and complete the highest requirement, there is a chance that the Chrysalax will appear from the machine.

Chrysalax Der Eisendrache Chest

Der Eisendrache Pinball Chrysalax Reward
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The third and final way to earn the Chrysalax involves playing the Der Eisendrache arcade game, meaning you'll need to find or purchase an Arcade Token. Once you've managed to feed the dragon, a golden chest will spawn. Open it for a chance to get the Wonder Weapon. If it doesn't appear, you can replay the game using another Token.

How Does The Chrysalax Wonder Weapon Work?

Chrysalax Wonder Weapon Functions
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The Chrysalax possesses two forms that have a deadly impact on any kind of undead opposition. In its axe form, players can swing it to slay Zombies in close proximity and can also fire an energy blade that can remain in a specific position for a short period of time. The blade runs on energy charges that can be earned by using the second form of the Chrysalax.

If the axe doesn't float your boat, it can be transformed into a compact automatic weapon. While the hip-fire isn't the best, it's highly effective when clearing out large groups of Zombies quickly.

These are the known methods to get the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken. As soon as any new ways are discovered, we will update this guide with all of the latest information.

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