Forsaken Zombies Map: How To Get Arcade Tokens and Play Arcade Games

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Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War is well underway and one of the more popular pieces of content to arrive is Forsaken, the fourth and final round-based Zombies map to appear as part of the Dark Aether storyline. The map set in a Soviet training facility will play host to the final showdown between Requiem and Omega groups.

Alongside the addition of PhD Slider and the synonymous Pack-a-Punch machine, players can take a trip to the arcade and revisit an iconic Zombies location. Here's how to get your hands on an Arcade Token and how to play the Arcade games!


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How To Get Arcade Tokens In Forsaken

How To Get Arcade Token In Forsaken Zombies Map

There are two ways to get hold of an Arcade Token in Forsaken. The first involves shooting Zombies. Eventually, one will drop a Token that can be used in one of three machines within the Arcade. The second way to get hold of a Token is by purchasing one. It costs 10,000 Essence for one Token so if you want to play all three machines, make sure you've got plenty of Essence in the bank.


Forsaken Arcade Machines

How To Play Arcade Machines Forsaken Zombies Map

Once you've made it into the Arcade, you can choose to spend the Token on a machine. Each mini-game will provide a variety of rewards that can be earned to offer plenty of goodies. Here are the three games you can play.

Nacht Der Untoten Forsaken Map

Nacht Der Untoten Forsaken Easter Egg

One arcade machine transports you all the way back to Nacht Der Untoten, the very first Call of Duty Zombies map that made its debut in Call of Duty: World at War. Once inside the map, a countdown clock will appear along with some undead opposition. If you manage to survive the timer, a chest will spawn in, rewarding you with plenty of Salvage.

Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache Pinball Machine Forsaken Map

The next playable game is Der Eisendrache, named after the popular map released in Black Ops 3. Once the game begins, you'll have to feed the dragon just like in Outbreak. Once the dragon has been fed, a chest full of rewards will appear.



Enduro Arcade Machine Forsaken Zombies

The third and final playable machine in the Forsaken arcade is Enduro, which was originally released on the Atari 2600 back in 1983. The game allows you to earn plenty of bonus Essence by driving around a small obstacle course with an RC-XD. Grab as much Essence before the time runs out.

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