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Black Ops Cold War Season 6: Everything We Know

Season 5 Reloaded of Black Ops Cold War is in full swing and as players begin to explore what's on offer in multiplayer and Zombies, some are already beginning to turn their attention to the release of Season 6, the final season of post-launch content for Treyarch's latest release.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard's release right around the corner, Season 6 is expected to be jam-packed full of new content ranging from new multiplayer maps, new game modes, and a new round-based Zombies map to conclude the Dark Aether storyline.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Start Date

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Based on when the Season 5 Battle Pass comes to an end, we can determine when the next season of post-launch content will get underway. We expect Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War to commence on October 8th.



No clues as to which weapons will be arriving in Season 6 have been revealed just yet, meaning there's plenty of possible candidates that could join the ever-expanding arsenal. Recent seasons have seen new assault rifles and submachine guns, so Season 6 could feature an all-new sniper rifle or a light machine gun to spice up the existing metagame.

With plenty of players getting frustrated with the lack of weapon balance, plenty of nerfs and buffs to a range of weapons are expected to be implemented.


Black Ops Cold War has featured a huge range of multiplayer and Fireteam maps since it was released back in November 2020. There has been a diverse range of original maps as well as the return of many classics, satisfying the demand of the community.

We can expect more of the same with Season 6, with at least one brand-new map along with another familiar Black Ops battleground making a return.

Halloween Event

With Season 6 kicking off in October, it's highly likely that the Halloween Event will be taking place in the first few weeks of the season. If the Haunting of Verdansk event is anything to go by, expect plenty of scary goings-on and limited-time modes to make an appearance alongside plenty of exclusive rewards to be obtained.


As always, the start of a brand-new season will contain some brand-new Operators on the roster. Considering that the conflict between Adler and Stitch is reaching its conclusion, it's likely that one Operator will be one of Perseus' associates while the other could be a classic Black Ops character. Could we finally see Alex Mason arrive?

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